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14 Iced Coffee Recipes You Need To Try This Summer

iced coffee recipes

Coffee is inherently meant to be hot… so it’s been said. Many of us believed that lie when we were young and naive. But today, we’re wiser and more open to life’s riches.

Aka, iced coffee.

New coffee lover or old-school veteran, you need to try these 14 iced coffee recipes. Some are simple classics—others will make you doubt everything you’ve ever known about your daily brew.

We’ll break up these must-try recipes into three major blocks:

  • Iced black coffee recipes — the building blocks of all iced coffee recipes
  • Creative iced coffee recipes — so you can live on the wild side of iced coffee
  • Iced coffee cocktail recipes — to open up a world of coffee mixology

Are you ready to experience coffee like never before?

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Iced Black Coffee Recipes

Every creative iced coffee recipe begins here. These five recipes are simple, yet delicious and great for customizing your own way. And because you already have the gear you need (thanks to the flexibility of these recipes), you can start brewing today.

Iced Pour Over Coffee

If you have a pour-over cone, like a Hario V60, Chemex, or Kalita Wave, this recipe is going to rock your world. Iced pour-over coffee (also “flash chilled” or “Japanese-style”) is rich, tangy, and richly aromatic.

It’s arguably the #1 way to make specialty-grade iced coffee.

You can read our recipe here.

Cold Brew Coffee

Who knew cold water could make such delicious coffee. It’s densely flavorful, 66% less acidic and bitter, and because it makes a concentrate, (rather than a regular glass of iced coffee) it pairs extremely well with all kinds of things, like…

  • Lemon juice
  • Chocolate
  • Soda water
  • Spirits

Lots of recipes in this article use cold brew as the base, so definitely try it out.

See the full recipe here.

AeroPress Drip Cold Brew Coffee

A lesser-known method for making cold brew coffee involves slowly dripping ice-cold water over grounds in your AeroPress. It’s a bit odd, but produces stunning cold brew—plus it makes you feel like a mad coffee scientist.

You can find the full recipe at BeanGround.

French Press Iced Coffee

Making iced pour-over coffee can be challenging because you have to use less water than normal to avoid making weak, watery coffee—but this can lead to sour coffee if you’re not careful.

James Hoffmann (a famous coffee guy) prefers the french press for iced coffee because you don’t have to risk under-brewing the grounds by using less water and making sour coffee.

His recipe is located here.

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Creative Iced Coffee Recipes

Now that you know four ways to make iced black coffee, it’s time to throw in some fun elements.

Purists may not like these creative recipes, but don’t let that stop you. Drink what you love, not what others tell you to.

Cold Brew Lemonade

As weird as it may sound, cold brew and fresh lemon juice make a fantastic couple. Mix em, sweeten with some simple syrup and garnish with a lemon wedge and some fresh mint leaves.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a recipe as refreshing as this one.

Check out the full recipe from our Finnish friends at the Barista Institute.

Iced Cold Brew Latte

Forget espresso—using cold brew as the base for an iced latte is just as delicious! Top a few ounces of cold brew concentrate with your milk of choice (cow, oat, nut, whatevs) and add some ice. It’s better than the $4.50 iced latte at the cafe—and much cheaper, too!

Add some caramel syrup or melted dark chocolate if you’re feeling wild.

Bon Appetit has the recipe here.

Honey Cold Brew Soda

Fizzy, bubbly, tangy cold brew coffee. It’s everything you could ever want in a summer afternoon treat. Mix in your favorite sweet something to make it your own (we like honey).

Here’s the recipe.

Orange Spiced Iced Coffee

This one’s especially good for warm autumn days when you’re ready for hot coffee, but it’s just not cold enough yet. The orange/clove/cinnamon/nutmeg combo really drives this one home as a winner.

Get your spice on here.

Christmas Cold Brew

Miss the snow? This drink will take you back to wintery evenings, carols, and a good feeling with its gingerbread syrup and actual gingerbread.

Find your Christmas in July here.

Cool Brewtini (Mocktail)

Cold-brew, cranberry juice, cane sugar, and lime—in a martini glass. For when you need to feel sophisticated but it’s only 2 PM. Yes, please.

Stay classy with the full recipe here.

Iced Coffee Cocktail Recipes

These recipes are for the truly rebellious coffee lovers of the world. You’ve heard that coffee’s for the morning and alcohol is for the evening. We reject this false dichotomy.

Why not let two of life’s gifts come together in delicious harmony?

Here’s how.

Cold Brew Martini

The espresso martini is considered a modern classic, but the newer cold brew martini is quickly gaining favor too. It’s smoother, more aromatic, and has a deeper flavor—perfect for elegant evenings when you need a boost, but don’t want to skip out on the imbibing.

James Bond only wishes he was cool enough to think of this.

Our friends at Kahlua have the complete instructions.

Cold Brew Sangria

Fruity red wine, soda water, cold brew, and fresh berries. Can you really imagine a better combo? Bonus points if you use a fruity-tasting coffee.

Check the full recipe here.

Chilled Mulled Wine (With A Coffee Twist)

It’s like cold brew sangria, but different.

Make some.

This is the 4th recipe from the Nordics/Baltics. They know what’s up!

Bourbon Cold Fashioned

If you’re a fan of the quintessential cocktail, the old-fashioned, you’ll enjoy this caffeinated variation. Add some cold brew, some extra chocolate bitters, and then continue as normal with bourbon, sugar, and angostura bitters.

Here’s the full recipe for your new go-to cocktail.

What Coffee Beans Are Best For These Iced Coffee Drinks?

Great coffee beans go with any iced coffee recipe—but stale, low-grade beans will leave you hanging with a sad, bitter brew.

These are the marks of the A+ beans you want for these drinks:

  • Freshly roasted-to-order (no stale supermarket beans)
  • Specialty-grade (the highest quality grade of coffee)
  • Non-pretentious packaging (down with coffee snobbery)

Your iced coffee drinks should taste stellar.

Here: this should help.

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