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The 2019 guide to buying coffee gifts for loved ones

The 2019 guide to buying coffee gifts for loved ones

Got a friend who loves coffee? (Or a friend who doesn’t love coffee, but you really want them to?)

Well, you’re in luck.

We love coffee gifts here at Coffee Bros. But, there’s a lot out there to choose from, and like modern coffee, it can get complicated. After all, do you really need a gooseneck digital kettle when a regular one will do?

Here are 10 awesome (and simple) gifts for coffee lovers in 2019.

1.    The travel tumbler

Travel tumbler

Plunge your way to better coffee in 2019 with an Espro travel coffee press (bad pun, we know). Think of it like a takeaway French press. No longer do you need to sit and wait for your coffee to brew at home before you leave the house. Just do your thing in this nifty little tumbler and brew while you run for that train.

Buy it on Amazon from $30.81.

2.     The coffee grinder

Coffee grinder

Burr grinders make for the best grinders, but they often come as a plug and play-type-thing that sits next to the toaster and takes up valuable worktop space. Instead, get the JavaPresse manual coffee grinder. It’s lightweight, durable, portable and consistent. What more do you need?

Buy it on Amazon from $25.99.

3.    The coffee mug

Coffee mug

A coffee mug says a lot about a person. It’s a very subjective thing. China, tin, metal, pot, plastic, ceramic… want you drink from comes in all shapes and forms.

Although we’re based out of New York, we like to think coffee goes with you wherever you go, so we recommend the 14oz Yeti Rambler. Its lightweight, vacuum sealed and insulated. It’s an on-the-go tumbler and sit-at-home drinker wrapped into one. Simple.

Buy it on Amazon from $24.99.

4.     The endless supply of coffee

Coffee subscription

Ever opened that cupboard only to find old teabags left to drink? Not anymore. As a nation, we drink buckets of coffee every day, and running out sucks. That’s why coffee subscriptions are the way to go. Whether you’re after a light, medium or dark roast coffee, here at Coffee Bros, we’ve got you covered.

Buy a coffee subscription at Coffee Bros from $19.99.

5.     The coffee table book

Coffee book

Want to educate your friends about all there is to know about coffee? We recommend ‘The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing’ as the educational book of choice. Sure, it’s in-depth, but your friends will be better people for reading it…

Buy it on Amazon from $14.40.

6.     The iced coffee cubes

Coffee ice cubes

Want cool beans? The Fred Cool Beans coffee ice tray is the way to go. This coffee tray literally freezes coffee into coffee bean-shaped ice cubes. No longer will you dilute your iced coffee with water this summer. Instead, you’ll have melting coffee, melting into your coffee!

Buy it on Amazon from $8.60.


7.    The coffee art

Coffee art

For your coffee-drinking, art-loving friends, we recommend this Coffee + Simplicity art print from Society 6. We especially like this print because it perfectly depicts our ethos around coffee, which is that it should be rather straightforward. This wall hanging perfect depicts our range of coffee, from light roast to dark roast.

Buy it at Society 6 from $14.99.

8.     The coffee bean container

Coffee container

We all need to keep our beans somewhere, and where else to keep them except the Coffee Gator stainless steel container? It’s vacuum-sealed, it comes with a scoop, and it has a CO2 valve, so it won’t randomly explode on your kitchen counter. (Plus, it looks rather slick….)

Buy it on Amazon from $29.97.


9.    The cold brew maker

Cold brew maker

Okay, so we’re breaking our rule of keeping it simple for this one. But, can you really blame us? This Yama glass coffee tower that makes cold brew coffee is simply magnificent. Sure, it’s expensive and complex, but we guarantee that someone in your family will remain firmly wired up to their eyeballs if you brought this for them.

Buy it on Amazon from $249.99.

10.  The portable coffee press

Portable coffee press

Got friends carry a French press in their bag just in case they’re away and need to make coffee? Why not treat them to something more practical, like this collapsible coffee press from Food 52. It’s a ‘chuck in your backpack’ tool that every coffee addict wants. Quick, simple and with practically zero clean up.

Buy it at Food 52 from $39.

Remember: keep it simple, stupid

Today’s world of coffee is complicated, and when it comes to buying coffee gifts for loved ones, it can be startling overwhelming. You know they like coffee, but what sort of coffee? How long do they brew for? Do they have a grinder, or would they prefer beans ground? Do they have a French press? Or an AeroPress? Or a drop machine? The list goes on and on.

This year, we recommend to KISS: keep it simple, stupid. Everybody loves a good cup of coffee, but don’t let it get in the way of your conversation. After all, it’s the people you drink with that matter most… right?  

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