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The 5 most influential Instagram coffee accounts in 2019

In June of last year, Instagram announced that it had surpassed one billion users on its platform. That’s almost one seventh of the world’s population now actively scrolling through photo after photo.

It’s a big milestone for the once quaint start up that Facebook bought for a record-breaking $1 billion back in 2012 (at a time when the Instagram HQ was just 13 people, mind you). Now, thanks to the platform, we’re well into the ‘influencer generation’, and coffee is no exception.

Here are the 5 most influential Instagram coffee accounts you need to be following in 2019.

1. @coffeenclothes

@coffeenclothes are at the forefront of the coffee lifestyle trend. Like fashion, drinking coffee is a fashionable activity today, and Coffee ‘n Clothes are showcasing this fusion better than anyone else on social media.

From classic shots of women and coffee, to more fashion-centric shots of old Nikes laced on the floor next to a cup of the good stuff, their account is sure to get you inspired.

Favorite post: This minimalist ‘paws out’ coffee shot.

2. @booksandbeans

@booksandbeans follow a similar theme to Coffee ‘n Clothes, except fashion is swapped out for a good book.

Coffee and writing go hand-in-hand, and this account is the perfect place to find inspiration for your next read (and your next cup of coffee). The books they showcase on their account aren’t all coffee related, either. In fact, it’s far from it.

There are posts up spanning all sorts of literary genres, from classics like Catcher in The Rye to fantasies like Harry Potter, and much more. The owner of the account, Etaf Rum, is author to her own book ‘A Woman Is No Man’. We thoroughly recommend.

Favorite post: This joyous shot of a creatively cluttered bookstore.

3. @baristadaily

@baristadaily is the perfect account for any budding or veteran coffee shop worker. From insane latte art inspiration to juicy portafilter pours, this account is ideal for finding coffee making inspiration.

Barista Daily is known for showcasing new and intriguing coffee equipment (like this @alternativebrewing stove top) as well as emerging coffee shop spaces across the globe (like this weird and wonderful truck trailer coffee shop).

Favorite post: This post, for the portafilter handle design alone.

4. @appleandcoffee

MacBook and iPhone lover? This Instagram account is for you. The @appleandcoffee account is all about bringing the creative person’s two favourite things together: Apple technology and, you guessed it, coffee. And boy is it appealing.

Like we’ve said before (and like we’ll probably say again), coffee is a lifestyle. And so are Apple products. The birth of this little corner of creativity, then, was only inevitable. Check out these posts for a little inspiration:

Favorite post: This top down photo of all the best technology intertwined with a cup of the good stuff.

5. @cole_coffee

Cole McBride (@cole_coffee) won the U.S. barista championship last year, and although his account might not be the picture-perfect Instagram coffee account you’re used to, he’s definitely worth a follow.

The man is a coffee god. He was born in it, raised by it, and his account reflects his complete and undying love for high-quality, well-sourced coffee. More often than not, you’ll find him drinking multiple cups at once… His heartrate must sound like the drum solo from the song Wipeout.  

For more Coffee, turn to YouTube

Instagram isn’t the only platform that makes us drool for a cup of coffee. YouTube has some notable coffee accounts that are worth checking out, too. First up is Whole Latte Love (see what they did there?) who go about teaching you how to perfect your latte art and properly froth your milk.

For a more personal touch, we recommend Dritan Alsela. If you’re a barista working in the field, his YouTube channel will make you feel inadequate at your job… beware.

Finally, if you’re after exquisite B-roll footage of someone making coffee, look no further than Peter McKinnon. This Toronto native works closely with James Co. Coffee (bonus Instagram account follow!) and, although he teaches filmmaking, he’s always videoing coffee. Check out this short film called ‘The Owl’, it’ll give you a whole new appreciation for your daily cup of joe.

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