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The best coffee brewing equipment for home coffee connoisseurs

In recent years, home coffee brewing has reached a whole new level. Before, there was the French press or the machine-dripped cup that was brewed to coincide with your morning alarm. Now, however, we have pour-overs, stove tops and the AeroPress. Some people even brew up a V60 at home, while others spend thousands of dollars on state-of-the-art espresso machines.

With access to whole beans from almost every specialty coffee house, it’s no surprise people are turning their kitchens into coffee shops.

Here are some of the best coffee brewing equipment for those of you who call yourself a ‘home coffee connoisseur’.

1. For coffee machine lovers: Bonavita 8-Cup Carafe Coffee Brewer

One heck of a name, eh? The Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup Carafe Coffee Brewer (or, as well call it, ‘the Chemex replacer’) is a brilliant pour over coffee machine that requires little work from you in those early hours of the morning.

Unlike a Chemex, the Bonavita BV19… (let’s just call it the Bonavita, shall we?) means you don’t actually have to do any of the coffee brewing yourself. No sir. Leave it up to technology to make you the perfect up, and savour those extra minutes in bed. Rumour has it, it tastes exactly like a hand-crafted Chemex cup of coffee, just without the blood, sweat and tears.

Amazon: $112.99

2. For coffee shop lovers: The V60 filter from Hario

V60s are found everywhere in independent coffee shops. They’re the staple filter coffee maker, and for good reason. Hario’s V60 dripper is simple in concept. All you really need is a cup, a V60, some filter paper and beans. No more, no less.

Hario make these in ceramic and glass for full heat retention, in plastic for cost-effectiveness and in copper for the ultimate coffee drinking experience. What you’re left with is a smooth, sediment-free cup of goodness to see you through the day.

Amazon: $20

3. For the coffee innovator: The Clever Dripper

The Clever Dripper is just that: Clever. They’re worth mentioning for one reason, which is that they use the immersion method of coffee brewing. Unlike the pour over, the Clever Dripper has a unique stop and release mechanism to keep coffee and water together until they’re ready for pouring. Because of this dwell time, it gives the home coffee brewer more control over brew times, and leaves the coffee immersed in water for a longer period of time.

The Clever Dripper looks like the Hario V60 but works in a very different way. If you’re looking for complete control over all the coffee brewing variables, this is the tool for you.

Amazon: $32.80

4. For the coffee scientist: The Hario Syphon

Yes, for a somewhat reasonable price (and a rather splendid show), you can syphon your coffee at home. Coffee is nothing more than a science. There are many variables at play, and a change in these variables can result in an entirely different tasting cup of coffee.

That’s why Hario has built a range of coffee syphons that allow you to spend time experimenting with the variables, right from your own kitchen. We’re big fans of the Mini Syphon 1 cup. It’s compact, minimalist and produces a cup of coffee on a level unknown to most of humankind.

Amazon: $72.50

5. The AeroPress

A classic home-brewing choice, this one. The AeroPress is quickly becoming a staple in the coffee connoisseur’s household. It’s inexpensive, very practical and requires little to no space to store. It also produces one of the smoothest, cleanest cups of coffee going.

Sometimes, simplicity is the answer to everything good.

Amazon: $31.95

Grinders, scales and filters… this brewing equipment is just the beginning

For the best cup of coffee going, you’ll need more than just the best brewing equipment. You’ll need a good grinder to get an accurate grind; you’ll need scales to make sure you’ve got your water to coffee ratio on point; and you’ll certainly need a reliable timer to make sure your brew is consistent.

Coffee brewing equipment for the home coffee connoisseur is just the beginning. For the ultimate coffee experience, pick yourself up some good beans, find yourself a nice space and pull up those sleeves. Things are about to get technical…

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