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10 different ways people drink coffee from around the world

10 different ways people drink coffee from around the world

Coffee exists everywhere. Africa has it. South America has it. Australia swims in the stuff. It’s a big part of humanity’s daily life. The only difference is, we all enjoy it in unique and quirky ways.

Here are 10 different ways people drink coffee from around the world.

1. Finland: Kaffeost

Cheese in coffee? That’s right. The Finnish are crazy for it. The Kaffeost is a popular drink where hot coffee is poured over chunks of juustoleipä (cheese curds). Sure, it sounds unappealing, but then so does a surf and turf, and look how that turned out…

2. Malaysia: Yuanyang

In Malaysia, blending coffee and tea together is all too frequent. This caffeine-inducing brew, served either hot or cold, consists of three parts black coffee, and seven parts Hong Kong-style milk tea (that’s a mix of black tea and milk, for those of you who needed that one explaining).

All we ask is that you only drink one at a time.

3. Australia: The flat white

You know this drink the best, I’m sure of it. Similar to a latte, the flat white – the Australian equivalent of a New York bagel – is iconic to the country. Made by pouring microfoam over a few ounces of espresso, this thing is a staple across the world.

4. Vietnam: Cà phê dá

We couldn’t pronounce this one if we tried. The ‘Cà phê dá’ is iced coffee – made with coarsely ground dark-roast coffee – which is brewed through a french drip filter straight into a cup of condensed milk and ice.

Think the V60 is complex? Think again. This drink is both sweet and strong.

5. Mexico: Café de Olla

Much simpler, this one. Mexico’s traditional coffee choice is the Café de Olla, which is a coffee that uses piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar) and is served in a clay mug, which locals believe brings out the coffee’s flavour. Oh, it comes with a cinnamon stick, too.

6. Ireland: The Irish coffee

You know it, and you love it. And that’s because it means you can drink before noon. The Irish coffee is a cocktail of sorts, consisting of hot coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar, topped with cream. A Bailey’s works here, too.

7. France: Café au lait

We’ve all ordered one of these, and in terrible French accents. The Café au lait is made up of equal parts steamed milk and brewed coffee. Be sure to order a big one of these, they make for perfect croissant dipping drinks.

8. Morocco: Spiced coffee

Morocco do all things spicy, and their coffee is no exception. This fragrant blend of dark coffee, together with warm spices like cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg, makes for the perfect sinus-clearing winter warmer (in America, anyway…).

9. Saudi Arabia: Qahwa

Saudi Arabian coffee is much like coffee from Morocco. It’s contains a mix of spices like cloves, saffron, ginger and cardamom. But to offset the bitter (and strong) coffee, they serve it with dry dates.

10. Greece: Frappé

This drink was invented by a Nescafé representative in 1957, and it’s an extremely popular summer beverage on a hot summer’s day in Greece. In short, it’s iced coffee that has been dowsed in milk foam. Almost similar to the Starbucks ‘Frappu’ccino…

What’s your favourite?

As exciting as these coffees are, the real question to ask here is this:

What’s your favourite?

Let us know in the comments section!

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