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Don’t Buy Premium Coffee Until You Read This

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We know the feeling. We’ve been there. It seems like no matter which premium coffee brand or roast you buy, it always tastes stale and over-roasted. AKA, the last thing you want to drink in the morning… 

You deserve to start each morning with a hot mug of coffee that’s so remarkably smooth and flavorful, it washes away all your tiredness long before the caffeine kicks in.

But finding the right coffee these days seems like the world’s hardest scavenger hunt. As you stroll down the aisle at the grocery store or search online for premium coffee, you’re bombarded with options. 

  • How do you know which one is the best? 
  • Which coffee matches your flavor preferences? 
  • How can you be sure that the coffee you choose won’t turn out stale and bitter like the last time?

And, with so much jargon printed on the label, it feels like you need a Ph.D. to pick the right bag of premium coffee.

You’re burnt out. Just like the low-quality coffee that litters grocery store shelves everywhere…  

We’ll show you exactly why “premium coffee” isn’t so premium after all—and what you should look for instead to bring super-exceptional coffee into your morning ritual (and never fall for dishonest marketing again).

But first, let’s clear up something.

It’s the Coffee Industry’s Fault, Not Yours

For decades, roasters and coffee companies have poorly roasted low-quality coffee and convinced consumers that it was the “good stuff.” 

Chances are when you buy “premium” coffee beans, you’re being sold less-than-stellar coffee that has been over-roasted or smothered in artificial flavors to mask the coffee bean’s undesirable taste.

Where does this leave you? Dumping gallons of milk, sugar, and anything else you can get your hands on into your cup to drown out the bitter, stale, astringent flavor.

Instead of slowly savoring each sip of a smooth brew, as you should be, you’re doing anything you can to improve the flavor of your coffee. 

That’s not your responsibility! It’s the roaster’s job to make sure your coffee tastes fantastic from the first sip to the last.

Premium coffee should highlight the bean’s natural flavors by being carefully roasted in small batches to ensure consistent coffee quality and flavor.

You’ll know you’ve purchased world-class coffee when it brews like a breeze, hits the spot sip after sip, and leaves you rushing to bed at night so you can wake up and brew it all over again.

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So, What Does “Premium Coffee” Even Mean?

In the coffee industry, we refer to average-grade coffee as premium coffee. It’s not the worst, but it is certainly far from the best.

You see, the journey to tasty coffee starts long before it reaches the roaster and this is where most coffee companies fail the consumer. Rather than choosing high-quality green coffee to roast, these coffee companies find the cheapest, lowest quality coffee available, roast it to a crisp, and label it as “Premium Coffee.” 

It’s a bit misleading.

You Deserve to Drink Objectively Better Coffee. Specialty Coffee.

Specialty coffee is the highest quality coffee available. They exhibit balanced and desirable attributes such as vibrant flavors, brilliant acidity, or creamy mouthfeel.

You know, the coffee that makes you feel like royalty after each sip!

If you want to get nerdy about it, specialty coffee is considered any coffee that receives a quality score of 80+. Premium coffees are those which score in the 70-79 range. You can see why “premium coffee” isn’t all that it’s chalked up to be!

Top-tier coffee is about more than selecting the best green coffee money can buy.

  • It’s about dedicating your company to expert coffee sourcing and roasting practices
  • It’s about roasting in small batches to guarantee consistent quality
  • It’s about relentlessly sampling the coffee to perfect the roasting process for each blend, single origin, and roast
  • It’s about roasting the coffee right as the customer orders online to lock in flavors and maximize freshness once it reaches their doorstep.

Sure, you can spend hours going in circles hunting for premium coffee at the grocery store, or you can buy something measurably better than premium coffee

The Coffee Bros. Difference

We go to great lengths to guarantee that our coffee is superior to the never-ending shelves of premium coffee on the market. 

We Buy Green Coffee at Its Peak

Coffee is an agricultural product. Therefore, the older the green coffee, the less fresh it is when it reaches the roaster.

If purchased far after it’s harvest season, roasters are stuck with old green coffee void of any flavor, body, or vibrancy, which leads roasters to have no choice but to over-roast the beans and hide the unpleasant flavors.

We source quality green coffee from all over the world and purchase it based on peak harvest times. This means the coffee you could be sipping on now was only harvested and shipped recently—not years ago.

GrainPro Bags Make the Difference

The method in which green coffee is shipped also has a drastic effect on the end flavor. Our coffees are shipped in GrainPro bags, which ensures that the beans don’t absorb any unwanted moisture, mold, or aromas along the way.

Trust us, it makes a huge difference!

Flavor First. No Excuses.

From sourcing to shipping, roasting to doorstep delivery, every aspect of our process focuses on flavor first.

We only source the best green coffee whose quality scores are reflected in a flavorful cup. We use GrainPro bags to ensure that the flavor remains intact throughout the journey. And, we always roast to shine a spotlight on the bean’s natural, delicious flavors. 

You’ll never, ever catch us over roasting or masking our coffee beans with artificial flavors. 

Always Roasted to Order

Speaking of freshness and flavor…

The problem with most premium coffee is that it was roasted months ago! That’s why you’re stuck drinking stale, bitter coffee covered up with milk, sugar, whipped cream, and anything else you can find.

Our coffee is always roasted right after you order, locking in those peak flavors for a noticeable difference when you brew your first cup.

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Selecting a Coffee 101: How to Find a Coffee You’ll Love

We know you’re tired of buying poor tasting coffee, only to mask it with milk or sugar. 

We believe coffee should be tasty from the get-go, too. 

It all starts with finding the coffee that matches your personal preferences. Here’s how you do it:

1. Know Your Roast

Always start your premium coffee search by knowing your roast preference. Otherwise, you’ll be sorely disappointed when you end up with a bold dark roast when you really prefer juicy light roast coffees!

Coffees are generally roasted to three different levels: Light, Medium, and Dark.

  • Light Roast coffees tend to have a more tea-like or silky mouthfeel and highlight an abundance of different flavors, from citrus to floral notes. For those who enjoy the vibrance of acidic coffees, you’ll find the most flavor here.
  • Medium Roast coffees have a creamy mouthfeel with deeper notes of chocolate, nuts, red fruits, and sugars. This roast is perfect for someone who needs a bit more of a punch than a light roast, but not as harsh as a dark roast.
  • Dark Roast coffees offer a heavy mouthfeel with little to no acidity. These bold coffees boast flavors of walnut, cherries, dark chocolate, clove, and even tobacco. The best dark roast coffees are roasted to avoid bitterness, too.

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Note: We strongly suggest avoiding extra-dark roasts, like Vienna, Italian, and French roasts. There’s a reason those beans are roasted so dark you can’t taste anything but ash and carbon…

2. Look at the Roast Date

Always look for a roast date or other indicator of freshness! You’ll be able to tell if a coffee is low-quality by the absence of a roast date… or the stale taste once you brew it. Yuck.

If the roast date was months ago, put that bag on back on the shelf and move on!

That’s why we always roast right after you place your order. Always fresh, nothing less.

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3. Read the Label

We’re all guilty of judging a coffee by the bag design, opting for coffees with eccentric or appealing colors and illustrations.

But don’t be fooled! It’s the information on the label that’s the key to determining the coffee’s quality, not the pretty bag.  

Always search the label for information about:

  • The Coffee – When was it roasted? Where is it from? Can the beans be traced back to the source? What’s the roast level?
  • The Roaster – Where are they located? Do they give back to or benefit their community in any way? What are they doing to build relationships with coffee farmers? What’s unique about this roaster?
  • The Flavor Notes – Coffee has natural flavors, from citrus fruits to sweet sugars and everything in between. The bag should include notes about what you’ll taste when you brew the coffee.

If a coffee bag doesn’t include any of this information, skip it!

Our coffee bags offer all the information you need and more (without the jargon) to help you find the coffee you’ll love to drink day after day.

4. The Taste Test

Looks can be deceiving.

Premium coffees can have shiny bags with all the right information and still taste terrible. 

In the end, it’s all about the taste test. Does that first sip hit the spot? Did you chug the whole mug before you knew it because the flavor was just that good?

Spoiler Alert: It’ll take trying a bunch of coffees to know what flavors and roasts you prefer. Go wild and drink a ton of different coffees until you know exactly what you love. 

Good thing we’ve got several coffees for you to try. 

Don’t Buy Premium Coffee Until You Try Coffee Bros.

Think you can handle a challenge?

We challenge you to try any of our Coffee Bros. coffees today and taste the difference. 

We bet you never go back to buying premium coffee at a grocery store again.

Between our carefully-crafted coffee blends and our limited-edition single origin coffees, we have a coffee for everyone. And we promise you’ll see the difference between Coffee Bros. coffee and premium coffee on the shelves of your local grocery store.

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Listen to our customers:

“As soon as I got home from work, I could smell the amazing aromas seeping out of my mailbox. It was at that moment I knew my Coffee Bros had arrived. I went inside super excited to brew up a nice pour over to see if the taste notes matched the aroma. And let me tell you, they did! This is my new go-to, good job Coffee Bros, you have yourselves a new customer!” – Amazon Customer

“I purchased the dark roast, medium roast and light roast. All are delicious….I would purchase again” – Samantha W., New York

“I haven’t bought coffee online until now. The word got out among friends that I should try the Coffee Bros line now available on Amazon. I’m partial to Dark Roast so that was my first purchase. Sorry to make folks jealous, but I’m in the middle of enjoying a really tasty mug of some terrific Coffee Bros coffee. Buy some for yourself so you don’t have to imagine how good it is.” – Wolf B., Connecticut

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Oh, and did we mention the free shipping for orders over $50?

Your Coffee FAQ, Answered

No matter if you’re a fan of light roasted single origin coffees or a dark roast blend, we want every cup to be the best. We’re here to help you brew!

Q: I purchased top-quality coffee, but it tastes bitter/sour. How do I fix this?

A: Before you grab the milk and sugar, slow down! Bitter and sour coffee can be remedied, especially if you’ve purchased our specialty coffee beans. Read our guides to fixing bitter coffee and sour coffee the next time this happens to you! Sometimes all it takes is a little fine-tuning of your brew method. 

Q: What kind of coffee beans should I get to make espresso?

A: While many roasters, including us, have an Espresso Roast available, you can use any type of roast or coffee beans you want to brew espresso. Espresso refers to a type of beverage, not a specific bean or roast level.

Q: What’s the difference between premium coffee and specialty coffee?

A: We’re glad you asked! Coffees are graded for their quality. Specialty coffees receive a quality score of 80+ while premium coffees range anywhere in the 70-79 range. Premium coffee is still good, but specialty coffee—like ours—is considered the best quality coffee on the market.

Get all of your coffee questions answered on our blog!

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