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What are the health benefits of drinking coffee?

Americans who drink more than four cups of coffee per day have an 18 percent lower risk of dying prematurely, according to a study conducted by Annals of Internal Medicine in 2017.

But this isn’t new knowledge. A 2012 study on coffee consumption in 402,260 people aged 50–71 observed that those who drank the most coffee were significantly less likely to have died during the 12–13-year study period.

Coffee has health benefits. Fact.

In this blog post, we’ll explain some of the plentiful health benefits of drinking coffee.

1. The more coffee you drink, the lower your risk of type 2 diabetes

In 2009, a study conducted by JAMA Internal Medicine found that the more coffee people drink, the lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. They found:

‘A linear relationship between coffee consumption and the subsequent risk of diabetes such that every additional cup of coffee consumed in a day was associated with a 7 percent reduction in the excess risk of diabetes.’

In short, for every coffee you drink in a day, your risk of type 2 diabetes drops by 7 percent. Neat, huh?

2. A reduction in liver cirrhosis

A study conducted between 1994 and 1998 found ‘a statistically significant trend toward lowered liver cirrhosis with increasing exposure to coffee’.

Rumour has it (well, it’s a proven fact…), drinking four or more cups reduces liver cirrhosis by 84 percent. And liver cirrhosis is a rather dangerous consequence of liver disease.  

3. A reduction in liver cancer, too

The risk of liver cancer is reduced by 44 percent for each two cups of coffee you drink per day, according to this 2007 study.

Liver cancer isn’t the only cancer coffee works to prevent, either. A 2016 study found that coffee drinking is not a cause of female breast, pancreas, and prostate cancers, and may reduce the risk of uterine endometrium.

4. A reduction in Alzheimer’s disease

That’s right. In one study, it was found that three to five cups of coffee per day were linked to a 65 percent decreased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Caffeine has short-term stimulation effects on the Central Nervous System, which could help regulate and control our cognitive functions.

5. Parkinson’s disease

In 2007, a study on coffee and tea consumption and Parkinson’s disease found that drinking more tea and coffee every day is linked to a reduced risk of Parkinson’s disease.

The greatest reduction was five or more cups per day, according to the study. We don’t recommend you drink this much…

6. A reduction in depression and suicide

Coffee doesn’t just make the physical body healthy, it works to keep our mental health in check, too.

Multiple studies have shown that four or more cups of coffee per day is linked to a 20 percent reduction in depressive tendencies and a 53 percent reduction in suicide.

Don’t drink it all at once

Clearly, there are a lot of health benefits that come with drinking coffee. Of course, when you’re done reading, it wouldn’t be wise to brew coffee by the gallon.

Coffee affects everybody differently. One person’s six cups a day might be another person’s anxiety-riddled nightmare. The science above is still in its infancy. It’s difficult to determine whether coffee was the sole influence on the participants of each study..

What you should know, however, is that coffee causes little to no negative health problems in most people. Sure, short-term side effects might be an upset stomach and a faster heartbeat, but in the long run, it won’t be your cup of coffee that finally gets you.

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