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We’re shooting coffee into space to roast it. Yep, that’s happening.

Space Roasters roasting coffee

Yes, you read that title correctly. No, you’re not crazy, but someone else clearly is. Somewhere, out there in the big wide world, someone has decided to shoot coffee into space so that it can roast in the atmosphere upon re-entry.

Anders Cavallini and Hatem Alkhafaji, a Dubai pair who co-founded Space Roasters, have designed and patented a pressurised tank that can carry up to 300kgs of green coffee into space so that the atmospheric heat (which will be held at approximately 200ºC) can roast the coffee for the entirety of the 20-minute re-entry period.

Oh, the humanity

Think we’re lying? Check this out:

Crazy, isn’t it.

But extravagant things have happened before in the coffee industry. In fact, people are drinking coffee that has been pooped by cats. Kopi Luwak coffee – the most expensive coffee in the world – is a huge craze among the wealthy. Apparently, a civet cat’s anal glands give an ‘elusive musky smoothness’ to a cup of coffee. But heck, what do we know. We haven’t tried that sh*t… are you nuts?

Fusing technology and coffee

What’s great about Space Roasters is the emphasis on technology in coffee. There’s no denying that data has improved almost every aspect of our daily lives, and thanks to more accurate scales, more hi-tech coffee machines and roasting technology, we can produce a high-quality cup of coffee that is consistently enjoyable to drink.

And Space Roasters might just be onto something rather exclusively incredible. Sure, it’s unnecessary, costly and, in our eyes, just darn stupid, but there’s no argument that people will buy it, consume it and rave about it.

Like a well-aged whiskey that comes from some dark, lonesome barn in the foothills of the Scottish Highlands, space coffee could just be the next ‘extra’ craze for the coffee industry, and pre-sale orders open up in 3 weeks and 6 days… look alive.

It’s an ambitious project, sure, but it’s one that relies on the rich and famous to cling onto a wildly outrageous concept for the sake of personal image and status.

The real question is: Is it sustainable?

We think not.

Coffee is one of life’s simple pleasures. It brings us out of our screens and back into the real world, and it shouldn’t cost you the world to drink. Space Roasters might be onto a fad, but it’s short-term at the least. At least, for the environment’s sake, we hope it is.

At Coffee Bros, we build our coffee around simplicity. Coffee is a need-to-know consumer product, not an extravagant must-have fad. We’ll explain all that goes into our cups, as simply as possible. That way, you can focus on what matters most about coffee: the conversations you have while drinking it.

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