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Meet “Snapchill Coffee”: A New Rival To Iced, Nitro, And Cold Brew Coffee

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They say there’s nothing new under the sun, but the summer of 2020 is bringing a brand new type of cold coffee experience with it: Snapchill Coffee™.

It’s shockingly delicious, conveniently canned, and is made with your favorite Coffee Bros coffees. More on this later.

We’re thrilled to share why Snapchill Coffee is making waves right now, so we created this quick guide to help you stay in-the-know.

Read on to discover… 

  • Why Snapchill tastes so freaking good
  • Exactly how it’s different from cold brew, nitro, and other iced coffee methods
  • How you can try a can of Snapchill Coffee yourself

Let’s get into it.

👅 You can taste it yourself right here.

Snapchill Coffee 101: Cold Coffee In A Can

In specialty coffee, we’ve largely avoided pre-made drinks, bottles, and cans. Freshness is so important to rich and balanced coffee flavor, that the common wisdom was that bottled or canned drinks were inherently lower-quality.

We couldn’t have been more wrong, but also couldn’t have known any better—we hadn’t discovered the right technology yet.

How Snapchill Coffee Is Made

Modern “Snapchilling” technology means we can effectively can coffee in the same way wine is bottled, preserving its most fresh and tasty flavors until you pop it open.

Here’s how it works:


  • The coffee is brewed hot. Only hot water can extract all the flavors, acids, sugars, and oils you know and love as “brewed coffee”, so that’s where the process begins.


  • It’s “snapchilled” in a matter of seconds. Basically, a mad scientist machine cools the coffee instantly using thermodynamics and other science-y processes without ice. In fact, it makes the coffee colder than ice—something that’s impossible without powerful machines. This preserves even the most delicate flavors and aromas.


  • The coffee is sealed tightly in a can. Just like wine, all the flavors are perfectly captured, safely waiting for some lucky coffee lover to pop them up. 


  • Pop it open and enjoy. The coffee is made at the perfect strength, so you can enjoy as-is without dilution. And since there’s no ice, it doesn’t get watered down either.


Alright, enough technical stuff. Let’s talk about taste.

The Many Flavors Of Snapchill Coffee

Like we said, hot water brings out the full spectrum of coffee flavor—acids, oils, sugars, aromas, deep flavors. Since Snapchill starts with hot brewing, all of those incredible flavors are possible to capture in each can.

If your favorite blend has smooth, balanced notes of chocolate, walnuts, and tangerine, you can get those flavors in cold form by snapchilling.

If you love a complex single origin coffee with sugarcane sweetness, raspberry tang, and a melon subtlety, you can get those flavors by snapchilling, too!

Why Coffee Bros Is Getting Into Snapchill Coffee

The geniuses who brought this tech to the United States are Elemental Beverage Co (it has been available in Japan for a few years), and when they asked if we wanted to partner on our own line of Snapchill coffees, we couldn’t say no.

We’re thrilled to announce two limited-edition Coffee Bros Snapchill coffees.


  • Our Light Roast Snapchill 💐 is a whimsical blend of beans from Keffa, Ethiopia and Nariño, Colombia. With shining notes of citrus fruit, flowers, and a delightfully crisp finish, it’s an exceptional way to brighten your day.


  • Our Kenya Microlot Snapchill 🍋 is a single origin symphony of complex flavors: sugary plum, chocolate, a hint of lemon, and a sweet finish (releases on 9/7/20).


Snapchill coffee aligns with our guiding mission: make exceptional coffee accessible to everyone. We want everyday coffee lovers to be able to enjoy the full spectrum of coffee flavor—and the fascination and wonder that comes with it.

No elitism gatekeeping. No judgmental looks. No stupid questions. Whether you’re a veteran barista or a brand new coffee fan, you’re welcome here.

👉 Try a can of Snapchill Coffee right here.

light roast canned ice coffee

Let’s Compare: Snapchill vs Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is made with cold water (in case that wasn’t obvious). 

Cold water takes a long time to extract balanced flavors because it doesn’t activate the same chemical changes that hot water does—usually 12+ hours. It’s brewed as a concentrate, so it’s good for creative coffee drink-making

The resulting flavor is smooth, with noticeably low bitterness and acidity levels. Unfortunately, the most delicate and nuanced flavors don’t typically shine with cold brewing—more classic flavors like chocolate, nuts, vanilla, and subtle sweetness remain dominant.

Snapchill coffee, since it is made with hot water, has the full spectrum of flavor available. The crisp acids add some zing, the subtle lower notes add a base layer of flavor, and the rich and exotic aromas are free to be enjoyed.

Let’s Compare: Snapchill vs Iced Pour Over Coffee

Snapchilled coffee and iced pour over coffee have a lot in common. The process starts the same way: with hot water. But there’s a really important distinction.

Iced pour over coffee relies on using ice to instantly chill and dilute the hot coffee, which is really hard to get right (balanced). 

Overly sour iced coffee is pretty common with this method, because you have to use less water and add ice to the glass, which makes the whole thing a little complex.

Snpachill coffee is made hot, then chilled with no ice. It’s always brewed at the perfect strength before being preserved in a can, so you never have to worry about it not tasting balanced.

Let’s Compare: Snapchill vs Nitro Coffee

Nitro coffee is typically cold brew coffee that has been infused with nitrogen (similar to nitro draft beers like Guinness). The result is a rich and creamy head of bubbles. 

Note: It’s not carbonated. It’s “nitrogenated”.

Nitro coffee tends to have that smooth, straightforward flavor people love about cold brew coffee (it’s made with cold brew, after all).

But, once again, this means there’s a big limitation on the possible flavors. Without deeper notes (enhanced by bitterness) and brighter complex notes (enhanced by acidity), nitro coffees can eventually seem a little monotone.

Snapchill coffee, while having all the wonderful flavors of hot-brewed coffee, can also be nitrogenated, which means there’s a lot more potential for incredible, never-before-tasted nitro coffee.

Snapchill Coffee Is A Fascinating Flavor Opportunity

With no limits on the flavor quality or diversity, Snapchill coffee is exciting—and we’re eager to share some with you.

When you order a six-pack, we’ll have it shipped to you in insulated packaging so it arrives safe and cool. Just stick it back in the fridge for a bit, then pop open a cold one.

👉 Try a can of Snapchill Coffee right here.

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