Espresso Machine Giveaway

Enter our monthly espresso machine and equipment giveaway and contest below. Its simple, signup using the form below and you are entered in to win a brand new piece of espresso equipment. To increase your chances, refer a friend, follow us on Instagram, or shoutout the contest on X!

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Win a $1,699 Lelit Mara X Espresso Machine

Starting March 1st - March 31st, 2024

Win a Lelit Mara X Espresso Machine for at-home café drink quality!

The Lelit Mara X Espresso Machine combines style and performance with its sleek Matte White, Black, or Stainless Steel exterior and maple wood accents. Inside, it features a 1.8L stainless steel boiler, dual-sensor PID, and E61 brew group, ensuring precise temperature control and flavor consistency. This efficient machine offers three preset brew temperatures (197, 201, 205), steam and coffee prioritization, a silent pump, and various other user-friendly features. With included accessories like a maple portafilter and 58mm tamper, the Mara X simplifies espresso-making for home baristas while delivering top-quality results. Backed by a 3-year warranty, it's the perfect coffee companion.

Our Winners

Step into our esteemed giveaway winners section! Whenever a coffee machine giveaway reaches its conclusion, we promptly update the list with the latest names of the fortunate recipients. This provides you with an opportunity to join us in celebrating the select few who have been bestowed with these prized machines. And who knows, perhaps the stars will align, and your name will grace this coveted list in the future!

  • Congrats, Jason M.

    Winner of: Rocket Espresso Appartamento

    Promotion Date: April 2023

  • Congrats, Gage B.

    Winner of: Rocket Espresso Giotto Type V

    Promotion Date: June 2023

  • Congrats, Reid H.

    Winner of: Rocket Espresso Appartamento espresso machine and grinder

    Promotion Date: August 2023

  • Congrats, Margaux

    Winner of: Breville Barista Express

    Promotion Date: November 2023

  • Congrats, Madison + Nicolas

    Winners of: Beginner Espresso Machine Bundle

    Promotion Date: January 2024

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Espresso Machine Giveaway Questions

When will the drawing end?

The drawing will end on 3/31/24 at 11:59pm EST and a winner will be announced within 7 days of the contest being completed.

If I win can I ship it to a friend as a gift?

Absolutely, once we confirm you are the winner you can tell us where to ship the machine.

How will the winners be announced?

We will announce all of our espresso machine giveaways through email. Please ensure you are using a live email address as that is the way we will be contacting you to setup shipping.

We will also list all confirmed winners on this page.

Will you have monthly espresso machine giveaways?

That is our goal! We are hoping to giveaway espresso equipment every month or possibly every other month. We will not limit it to just espresso machines and will be looking at opening up contests for espresso grinders as well.

Can winners be International?

Unfortunately, at this time due to shipping costs and customs fees we are only choosing winners in the United States of America.

Will I have to pay shipping?

No, shipping is included!

Is this a brand new machine?

Yes! All giveaways feature a brand new and unboxed espresso machine.