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Espresso Distributor and Tamper | 58mm | 2 in one tool | Adjustable Depth

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58mm Adjustable Distributor and Tamper: Designed to work with a wide range of espresso machine models, including Breville (the dual boiler, the oracle, and the oracle touch), Rancilio, La Pavoni, Hamilton Beach, ECM, La Marzocco, Rocket, Alex Duetto, Astoria, and all E61 group machines.

Consistent Brewing:  Achieve consistent distribution and pressure with every use, ensuring a perfect shot of espresso in the comfort of your home. Leveling the grounds before tamping guarantees a uniform and consistent tamp.

Adjustable Depth: Enhanced height adjustability to accommodate any depth of portafilter basket, delivering consistent tamping pressure for a delightful cup of espresso. The diamond-cut grip offers a non-slip and comfortable feel.

Dual Head Design: The distributor/leveler and tamper are ingeniously combined into one tool, offering the convenience of dual functionality. Distribute on one side and then flip over and tamp on the other.

Pro Tips: To achieve optimal results, ensure your portafilter basket is adequately filled with coffee grinds, allowing the tamper to apply the right amount of pressure for a compact and flavorful extraction. Groom the top of the basket with a finger or flat edge before leveling and tamping. Use good-quality, filtered water for brewing.

2-in-1 Distribution & Tamping

Streamline your espresso setup with the Rocket Espresso Tamper Distributor. This versatile 2-in-1 tool ensures consistent and excellent shots by eliminating variations in tamping and promoting uniform density within the espresso puck. The distribution side of the tool gently compacts and evenly spreads the coffee throughout the portafilter basket, while the adjustable tamper side guarantees even compression and a perfectly level surface. Designed to fit 58mm portafilter baskets, the Rocket Espresso Tamper Distributor is the ideal choice for simplifying your espresso routine and achieving consistent, barista-quality results.

About Rocket Espresso

Rocket Espresso produces the finest espresso machines in the tradition of ‘Fatto a Mano’ translated to, ‘made by hand’.

Rocket Espresso's small team of craftsmen produce both premium domestic and commercial espresso machines, beautifully made with meticulous care and attention to detail.

More importantly, Rocket Espresso machines will deliver the finest espresso in the cup, time after time.

A partnership between New Zealander Andrew Meo and Italian Daniele Berenbruch who brought philosophies from opposing sides of the world into their Milan factory to make the best espresso machines, each model designed to meet the needs of today’s most exacting espresso customer.