Snapchilled Coffee: Light Roast (6-pack)

Taste Notes Honey, citrus fruit, and floral.

Ships from Elemental Beverage Company

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Flavor Profile
Honey, Citrus, Floral
12oz (6-pack)
Roast Profile
Light Roast Coffee
Keffa, Ethiopia & Nariño, Colombia
100% Arabica Coffee (Caturra, 74110)
Mixed (1,600 - 2,300 masl)


Our best-selling coffee has been brewed hot and made cold in seconds utilizing Elemental Beverage Company’s Snapchill™ Technology. Unlike cold brew, this method retains all the traditional taste notes as if brewed hot – citrus fruit, florals, and a crisp and bright finish.

The Coffee Bros. Light Roast is an impressive selection of washed coffee’s from Keffa, Ethiopia and Nariño, Colombia. This blend packs a “punch” and carries a memorable profile that highlights both unique coffee growing regions.


SNAPCHILL VS. COLD BREW: We chose to Snapchill this coffee in order to maintain the characteristics that are inherent and present from both origins. At times, cold brew coffees tend to drown out certain taste notes and usually work best with nuttier / chocolaty coffees (which is what we did with our Cold Brew Blend). Snapchill is a delightful and unique cold coffee experience like none other. Since it is flash chilled without the use of ice, the coffee does not become diluted and the coffee-to-water ratio remains optimal.

SHIPPING INFORMATION: This coffee ships with ice packs to stay cold from Elemental’s warehouse to your doorstep. Please refrigerate this coffee as soon as you receive it.

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