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Light, Medium, Dark, or Espresso Roasts
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My brother and I started Coffee Bros. not only because we share a great love for coffee, but also because of the lack of consistently good quality coffee. Our approach to coffee is very simple — no confusing, technical aspects that you probably don’t care (too much) about; just access to the freshest and highest quality beans that are craftily roasted to bring out their natural taste notes (no jargon or flash words, just great coffee!).

What makes us different from big box brand coffee is that we follow our coffee from start to finish. Our main goal is to ensure that the beans that we use are harvested during the current season and are never old and sitting around. Our ethically sourced, freshly harvested beans are sent in GrainPro bags that keep the green beans completely sealed so that no odors, mold, or moisture can seep into the beans on their journey to us. Another huge one for us personally is that Nick and I both agreed early on that we would never to over roast our beans. Unfortunately, most coffee that is on the market is in fact over roasted and many times, even burnt so that their real flavor is masked. We both have worked really hard on bringing our passion to life and are excited to share with you that exhilarating first sip of any one of our blends!

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