What You'll Need


  1. Grinder or preground coffee (not ideal)
  2. Aeropress brewer
  3. Aeropress filter paper
  4. Gooseneck kettle
  5. Scale
  6. AeroPress paddle or Spoon
  • Grind Size

    Medium fine. You'll need to grind the coffee slighlt more coarse than you would for espresso. Aeropress requires a medium fine grind due to its short brew time.

  • Brew Ratio

    1. 1:12 (Robust): 1 gram of coffee for every 12 grams of water
    2. 1:14 (Average): 1 gram of coffee for every 14 grams of water
    3. 1:16 (Mild): 1 gram of coffee for every 16 grams of water
  • Water Temperature

    • Light Roasts: 203 - 212 degrees or right off boil
    • Medium Roasts: 194 - 203 degrees
    • Dark Roasts: 185 - 195 degrees
  • Water

    Water represents 99% of the liquid in your cup so brewing with a good spring water makes all the difference.

  • Coffee

    Always brew freshly roasted whole-bean coffee and grind on demand. The optimal timeframe to brew and enjoy your coffee is 7 – 30 days past the roast date.

  • Measure

    Always time and measure your brews to understand better the outcome and one you can repeat our iterate on.

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Step 1: Measure and Grind Coffee

Coffee amount: 16 grams

Brew ratio: 1:14 (1 gram of coffee for every 14 grams of water)

Your grind size and quality are crucial factors that will impact the length of your brew and the taste. For Aeropress brewing, medium-fine grind size is ideal for helping hit the target brew length of 1:00 – 2:00 minutes (depending on the recipe)

Adjust your grind size finer if your cup is too sour and slighly more coarse if you notice any bitterness in the cup. Also, refer to the water temperature guidelines by roast type as it will greatly improve the quality of your cup.

Step 2: Rinse Your Filter

Place your AeroPress filter paper in the basket with the smooth side facing toward the coffee and the rough side facing downward. Placing the filter this way will help with overall flow rate.

Next rinse the paper filter with hot water; otherwise, it will give off a papery taste. You can also quickly rinse the body of the AeroPress to help heat up the entire device.

You can now screw on the filter holder to the bottom of the AeroPress.

Step 3: Add Coffee and Heat Up Your Water

Coffee Amount: 16 grams

Water Amount: 230 grams

Add your coffee into the AeroPress and begin heating up your water.

Make sure you are using high-quality spring water heated to the ideal brewing temperature for the roast type (hotter for light roasts, cooler for darker roasts).

Step 4: First Pour then Swirl

Pour size: 50 grams of water

Pour length: 15 seconds

Pour the first 50 grams of water into the AeroPress, and swirl gently so the coffee and water are mixed well.

Step 5: Remaining Pour

Pour Size: 180 grams of water

Pour length: 45 seconds - 1 minute

After 15 seconds, pour the remaining 180 grams of water into the AeroPress. You can give the grounds one more quick swirl and stir before attaching the plunger and waiting until the 1 minute mark. Keeping the plunger on the AeroPress prior to plunging will help the brewer retain its heat which helps extraction.

Step 6: Press and Enjoy

After one minute has passed, press down on the plunger with gentle pressure. Ensure that you stop pressing down about 1 cm before reaching the bottom to prevent the extraction of the last bit of coffee, which may result in a slightly murky taste.

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