Collection: Best Espresso Machines Under $1000

You have a few outstanding options when shopping for the best espresso mach... ines under $1,000.

When looking at espresso machines for under $1,000, the clear winner always tends to be Breville machines for their function and features, which are vast for the price point and well-suited for the beginner. Breville’s tend to be the machine many of us start on (this is where we got our start with espresso brewing), and they are made for ease of use, high functionality, and a great price point, but they have some flaws.

The other machine worth looking at is the Lelit Victoria, priced at $999.99, which comes with PID temperature control, a 58mm basket, and a well-built design. With fewer features than a Breville, it meets all the requirements for a high-quality espresso machine.

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