• Classic

    Those looking for approachable flavor profiles with muted acidity tend to appreciate coffees in this category. All coffees in Classic are sourced to hit notes of chocolate, nutty, with mild fruit acidity and roasted Medium - Specialty Dark.

  • Balanced

    The balanced range has a bit more acidity than the Classic flavor profile, and while red or dark fruit notes are likely to be present, we also have coffees leaning in with bright citrus acidity and florals.

  • Adventurous

    The adventurous range is for those unafraid of acidity and eager to taste coffees roasted a bit lighter to help highlight the region’s complete range of origin characteristics and processing influence.

  • Modern

    Flavors present in the Modern profile are driven by one-of-a-kind processing methods, rare varietals, with careful and intentional influence from the producer through every step of harvesting.

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