Corporate Coffee Gifting

Give the gift of an unforgettable cup of coffee

Are you looking for a unique corporate gift to show appreciation to your clients, employees, and customers? Coffee Bros Corporate Gifting offers a memorable, handcrafted gift year-round and just in time for the holiday season. Choose from any of our specialty blends, award-winning coffees, or exclusive single origins to create the perfect Corporate Gift.

Small-batch and hand-roasted in New York City, our small business’s Corporate Gifting coffees are a special way to show your appreciation to those who matter. Thoughtfully purchased coffee with sustainability in mind, your Corporate Gifting also supports World Coffee Research, One Tree Planted, and Grounds for Health.

  • Support a small business and small batch coffee roastery from NYC

  • Clients and employees recieve high-end coffees shipped nationwide

  • Coffee your clients will enjoy was only recently harvested from our favorite coffee farms

  • All our coffees are sourced for maximum flavor with rich and complex taste notes

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Quality Through Small Batch Roasting

Small-batch roasting simply means that we do not fully maximize the capacity of our roaster on every batch. For example, our current roaster is a 15kg machine that can hold a capacity of 33lbs per batch. Our largest batch sizes do not go beyond 26.4lbs. The smaller batch sizes grant us extreme consistency and control over the roaster. The added control allows us to manipulate the coffee to extract the maximum flavor potential from all our green coffee. The flavor development and control is highly important to us as it allows us to roast a touch lighter which gives us the ability to highlight the coffee's true flavor profile. You will not find any overroasted coffee from us, just smooth and never bitter deliciousness!

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Gifting Questions

Do you offer a Corporate Gifting subscription?

Yes, we offer 3 to 12-month coffee gift subscriptions for your clients or
employees. Provide us a list with addresses, and we can take care of the rest.

How do you signup for corporate coffee gifts?

Fill out the form above, and we will get back to you within 24 hours to
discuss potential gifts for your employees.

Can you gift employees just one bag of coffee?

Absolutely! You can choose any offer, and we will ship it out to your clients or employees individually. You can also choose a subscription where your employees receive one or several bags of coffee per “x” number of months.

Which coffees are the best corporate gifts?

We often recommend going with our Single Origin or Signature Blend subscription if you want a subscription. Clients or employees would receive 3 – 12 coffees (one per month) from our Single Origin or Signature Blend offerings.

Which coffee is the best for introducing someone to specialty coffee?

We love pointing our clients toward our Signature Blend coffees as they are a great introduction to specialty coffee with a wide array of tastes and roast profiles.

Which coffee is best for someone who likes espresso?

We offer both a bright medium-roasted Espresso and a bold dark-roasted Espresso.

Do you offer additional products other than coffee for Corporate Gifting

We also offer Coffee Blossom Honey as part of our corporate gifting program. Coffee Blossom Honey comes from the coffee flower and is the perfect pairing to black coffee or milk-based drinks like lattes or cappuccinos.

Why choose Coffee Bros. over other vendors?

Coffee Bros. is a local NYC coffee vendor that prides itself on freshness, quality, and consistency. Coffee Bros. is a small business of two individuals, brothers Nick and Dan Hunnewell. When supporting Coffee Bros., you are not only getting the highest quality coffee possible, but you are also genuinely supporting small and local businesses.