Flavor Profile Scale

Taste notes on the front of a coffee bag can easily be misinterpreted though directionally, they should help narrow your search toward the best coffee you might enjoy. Taste notes don’t always tell you everything about a coffee or just relying on roast level information, which is why we created a 4-part scale describing a coffee’s flavor profile in more generalized buckets. Our classic to modern scale should give you one more piece of information on what you might expect when purchasing a coffee. These descriptors are meant to describe the coffee-drinking experience, not just notes we get when evaluating samples.

Coffees marked Classic tend to have less acidity and hit on more mild taste notes like chocolate, nuttiness, and some red or dark fruits. These coffees are great across many brewing methods, work well as a classic Italian espresso, and can cut through milk for those who enjoy milk-based drinks. In contrast, on the opposite side of the scale, one-of-a-kind taste notes will be present, driven by unique varietals, processing methods, and the utmost passion and craftsmanship from harvest to roast. Modern coffees are often roasted toward the lightest end of our roast scale to highlight full-origin characteristics. These coffees work best using a drip method or as a higher ratio espresso.

  • Classic

    Those looking for approachable flavor profiles with muted acidity tend to appreciate coffees in this category. All coffees in Classic are roasted to a Medium - Specialty Dark range and are explicitly sourced to hit notes of chocolate, nutty, with mild red or dark fruit acidity.

    Classic Flavor Profile 
  • Balanced

    The balanced range has a bit more acidity than the Classic flavor profile, and while red or dark fruit notes are likely to be present, we also have coffees leaning in with bright citrus acidity and florals.

    Balanced Flavor Profile 
  • Adventurous

    The adventurous range is for those unafraid of acidity and eager to taste coffees roasted a bit lighter to help highlight the producer's and region’s complete range of origin characteristics and processing influence. Expect coffees in this range to be roasted from Very Light to Medium with bright acidity, notes of floral, and even tropical fruit notes.

    Adventurous Flavor Profile 
  • Modern

    The unique flavors present in the Modern profile are driven by one-of-a-kind processing methods, rare varietals, with careful and intentional influence from the producer through every step of harvesting. These coffees are world class, the pinnacle of the taste horizon where anything is possible.

    Modern Flavor Profile 
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How to read the chart

Each profile bucket contains the coffees on our menu that are best represented by that flavor profile definition

  1. Profiles toward the top right of the scale (Adventurous and Modern) tend to have brighter acidity with more origin characteristics present
  2. Profiles toward the bottom left of the scale will have less acidity and tend to be roasted more toward the medium to specialty dark range.
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