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Coffee Bros.

What makes Coffee Bros. different from big box brands is that they follow their ethically-sourced micro-lot coffees from farm to roaster. The green beans are harvested and purchased during the current and optimal season and are sent in GrainPro bags to keep the green beans completely sealed so that no odors, mold, or moisture can seep into the beans on their journey. Among the many other differentiators, both brothers agreed early on that they would never over roast their beans (say goodbye to overly bitter coffee). Unbeknownst to consumers, most coffee on the market is over-roasted and burnt which means that the natural taste notes of the beans are masked. Taste the difference!

  • Expertly Roasted

    Nick, our roaster roasts on a machine equipped with the latest technology to ensure our roast profiles are consistent and bring out the beans' most favorable taste notes.

  • Always Fresh

    We source all our raw materials in-season and only in GrainPro bags. These bags keep the green beans completely sealed and protect them from odors, mold, and moisture while traveling across seas.

  • Small Batch

    Roasting in smaller batch sizes grants us full control over the roaster as well as consistency. This added control is imperative because it allows us to roast a touch lighter, highlighting the beans' true taste profile.

  • Flavor First

    We focus on quality first and only source beans scoring in the range of 86 – 88+pts—even for our blends. Using high-scoring coffees is where we find the difference between our blends compared to those on the market.

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Our Sustainability Promise

From the start and throughout this entire journey, we knew the cornerstone of our coffee program would be sustainability, quality, consistency, and freshness. As we continue to grow, we will build stronger ties with local communities and strengthen the economies and the ecosystems of the countries that our products originate. Sustainability is vital to not only our industry but to the planet that constantly provides for us. Reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to sustainable growth is extremely important to us, which is why we are active in this area. We thank you for supporting us and coming with us along this journey. We enjoy sharing our coffee with you, and we hope to continue to grow and build a better world with you. Together, we will make a difference.

  • Freshness and Quality

    From the start and throughout this entire journey, we knew the cornerstone of our coffee program would be sustainability, quality, consistency, and freshness.

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  • Carbon Neutral Operations

    Everything we make, buy and sell, leaves a carbon trail that we are responsible for reducing. Our first step of action is to offset our prior years' operation and then set ourselves on a path to reduce our emissions with thoughtful business choices.

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  • World Coffee Research

    Coffee plants are at risk due to drastic climate changes, among many other factors. This is why we teamed up with World Coffee Research's effort to improve the crop's sustainability and the farmers' livelihood who grow it

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  • Hermetically Sealed Bags

    All our coffees are sourced in GrainPro bags due to the quality of life benefits received by smallholder farmers and the bags ability to lock in flavor and quality.

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