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Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine | 54mm | Auto-frothing

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Breville Bambino Plus

Easily create delicious coffee beverages with Breville's Bambino Plus Espresso Machine. Designed to suit any budget, the Bambino BES500 is the ideal espresso machine for beginners. Featuring a straightforward 5-button control panel and Breville's innovative Thermojet heating system, it ensures you get piping hot espresso shots within seconds of starting. The Bambino Plus includes a classic one-hole steam wand for consistent milk texturing tailored to your preferences. What's more, it comes with both pressurized and unpressurized brew baskets, making it compatible with preground coffee and simplifying the extraction process.

  • Compact Footprint

  • Simple 5-button Display

  • Hands Free Milk Texturing

  • 3 Second Warmup

  • PID Temp Control

  • Low Pressure Infusion

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Additional Information

Thermojet Technology: Innovative heating system achieves ideal extraction temperature in 3 seconds.

PID Controller: Electronic PID temperature control for increased temperature stability.

Low Pressure Infusion: Applies low water pressure at the start of the extraction to gently expand grinds for an even extraction.

Volumetric Control: Preset 1 & 2 cup volumes, manual over-ride or programmable shot volumes.

Automatic Hands Free Milk Texturing

The Breville Bambino Plus automatically steams milk to the chosen temperature and desired texture, whether you prefer silky smooth latté or creamy cappuccino. Furthermore, when the steam wand is brought back to the downward position, it performs an automatic purge to eliminate any remaining milk residue.

54mm stainless steel portafilter

Craft the perfect milk-based espresso drink using the Bambino Plus' double basket, fitting up to 19g of espresso grounds. Most portafilters at 54mm cannot hold more than 14 - 16g of grounds making it difficult to achieve the perfect milk-based drink.

The perfect 9 bar extraction

A luxurious espresso, characterized by its velvety texture and rich caramel hue, is achieved through a sequence that begins with gentle, low-pressure pre-infusions, followed by a high-pressure (9 bar) extraction process driven by our 15-bar Italian pump.

  • Pros

    Lightning Fast Warmup: The innovative heating system achieves ideal extraction temperatures in 3 seconds, this type of warmup speed is unheard of on any other machine.

    Stable Temperature: High-performance PID control for optimal temperature stability.

    Automatic Hands Free Milk Texturing: The ability to automatically texture milk to the perfect silky smooth texture is a benefit many machines twice the price have.

    Slim Footprint: The Breville Bambino Plus small footprint allows it to fit in any space and it easy for storing and or traveling.

  • Cons

    No Hot Water Spout: The Bambino Plus does not come with a dedicated hot water spout for tea or Americanos.

    Its Size: While the Bambino Plus is compact (which can be a pro) the water tank and drip tray need to be filled and dumped out frequently.

    Pressurized Baskets: The Bambino Plus includes pressurized baskets by default, which are excellent for newcomers but somewhat restrictive for more experienced home baristas.

Breville Bambino Plus FAQ

What accessories does the Breville Bambino Plus come with?

  1. Stainless steel milk jug
  2. 54mm tamper
  3. Steam wand cleaning tool
  4. Razor precision trimming tool
  5. Single wall filter basket
  6. Dual wall filter basket
  7. Cleaning disc
  8. Espresso cleaning tablets
  9. Descaling powder

What are the steps to first use the Bambino Plus?

First Use

  1. Remove the water tank and fill with potable water to the indicated MAX line. Replace the water tank onto the machine.
  2. Ensure that the drip tray is correctly positioned on the machine.
  3. Plug the power cord in the power outlet, and the 1 Cup button illuminates. + + OFF
  4. Press the 1 CUP button and the machine will commence its first use cycle.
  5. Once complete, the machine will go into ready mode and all lights will be illuminated.

NOTE The first use cycle is to rinse the machine and prime the heating system.

TURNING OFF MACHINE To turn the machine off, press the 1 CUP and STEAM button simultaneously.

How do you turn off the Bambino Plus?

To turn the machine off, simply press and hold the 1 CUP and STEAM button simultaneously.

What filter baskets come with the Bambino Plus?

This machine includes both single and dual wall 1 Cup and 2 Cup filter baskets.

Use the 1 cup filter basket when brewing a single cup and the 2 cup filter baskets when brewing 2 cups or a stronger single cup or mug. Adjust the grind amount and size when switching from 1 cup to a 2 cup filter basket, or vice versa.

The provided filter baskets are designed for:

1 Cup filter basket = 8-11g

2 Cup filter basket = 16-19g

What is the suggested use for the Single Wall Basket vs. Double Wall Basket?


Single Wall filter baskets should be used when grinding fresh whole coffee beans roasted less than 30 days. These allows you to experiment with grind, dose and tamp to create a more balanced espresso.

Coffee Bros. opinion: Stick with the Single Wall filter baskets if you are using a good espresso grinder (conical or flat burrs). At minimum, use the Baratza Encore ESP when grinding for espresso.


Dual Wall filter baskets should be used when using pre-ground coffee and older beans that are past the 30 day roast date. These regulate the pressure and helps to optimise the extraction regardless of the grind, dose and tamp pressure or freshness.

How much volume does the one cup button produce?

Press the 1 CUP button once, the button will flash indicating that it has been selected. A preset single espresso volume of approximately 30mls will be extracted. The machine will automatically stop once the pre-set volume has been extracted.

How much volume does the two cup button produce?

Press the 2 CUP button once, the button will flash indicating that is has been selected. A preset single espresso volume of approximately 60mls will be extracted. The machine will automatically stop once the pre-set volume has been extracted.

How to do a manual pre-infusion and shot volume?

Press and hold the 1 CUP or 2 CUP button for the desired pre-infusion time. Release the button to start the extraction. Press the flashing button again to stop the extraction.

Can you set the milk temperature for steaming?


The machine has 3 milk temperature settings;

  • 1 – Warm
  • 2 – Ideal
  • 3 – Hot

When turning on the espresso machine, the milk temperature setting will default to the last chosen setting. Press the MILK TEMP button until the desired temperature is illuminated.

Can you determine how much milk foam is created?


The machine has 3 milk foam settings;

  • 1 – Low
  • 2 – Medium
  • 3 – High

When turning on the machine, the milk foam setting will default to the last chosen setting. Press the MILK FOAM button until the desired foam setting is illuminated.

  • Warranty Information

    What it Covers: Breville espresso machines, grinders, blenders


    • 2 Years (Covers Bambino Plus, Barista Pro, Barista Express Impress, Barista Touch, Barista Touch Impress, Dual Boiler, Dynamic Duo, Oracle, Oracle Touch, and Precision Brewers),
    • 1 Year (Covers Bambino, Barista Express, Grind Control, Milk Cafe, and Smart Grinder Pro)

    Warranty Contact: 866-273-8455

    User Manual: Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine User Manual

  • Care and Maintenance

    • Brush the brew head filter daily.
    • Perform a weekly backflush.
    • Soap out the drip tray and water reservoir weekly.

About Breville

Established in Sydney in 1932, Breville has evolved into a renowned global brand that enriches people's lives through meticulous design and brilliant innovation, distributing kitchen products to over 70 countries worldwide. Breville stands out as the kitchen appliance brand that continually advances its products based on consumer insights, unlocking the potential for individuals to achieve remarkable results with greater ease than they ever imagined in their own kitchens.

Breville's extensive range of espresso machines, drip brewers, and grinders is dedicated to simplifying the art of making gourmet coffee at home. Whether you're seeking the perfect entry-level espresso machine or a sophisticated, high-performance brewer, Breville offers something for everyone. With almost 100 years of history, Breville is recognized for crafting espresso machines, drip brewers, and grinders that prioritize user-friendliness while delivering exceptional performance.