best coffee subscriptions in 2024

The Best Coffee Subscriptions in 2024

By, Dan Hunnewell

10 minute min read · Mar 29, 2024


With so many coffee companies offering subscription services, how do you choose the best one?

As coffee professionals, we will give our unbiased opinion on coffee subscriptions worth exploring. While we do, honestly, believe our coffee subscription is excellent, we know there are many other fantastic coffee subscriptions available, and ours may not be the best fit for all.

Before we get started, we love to introduce ourselves. We are Coffee Bros., a small specialty coffee roastery out of New York City run by myself (Dan) and my brother (Nick). We specialize in small-batch, single-sourced, and seasonal coffees with an eye on long-term partnerships and overall coffee sustainability. We have been in specialty coffee since 2018 and have seen so much change quickly. We would love to outline what we, as coffee professionals, see as your best options for coffee subscriptions.

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The Best Coffee Subscriptions

What makes a good coffee subscription

The most important features of any coffee subscription should be quality and freshness. You will surely be disappointed by what you receive without those two attributes.

The key things to look out for when purchasing coffee from a new roaster or coffee subscription service when it comes to quality and freshness are the following:

Does the coffee subscription say how often they roast and ship their coffee? Look for a coffee company that states their roast frequency, and make sure the coffee roast date is printed on your bag.

Is there information about the coffee, such as origin, partner, and process? If the coffee subscription states intimate facts about the coffee, like origin, producer, and post-harvest processing method, then you know they are likely sourcing good quality coffee. Look out for coffee companies that work with the same partner each year; this is a sign of a lasting and sustainable partnership.

What to look for next is variety! While variety is a great thing, focusing on quality and freshness first is the most important thing to look for. Regarding variety, look for a coffee subscription with the following.

Variety of origins: The best coffee subscriptions will have many seasonal offerings from countries and regions that have recently harvested coffee. While year-round blends are fantastic (we do many of these), tasting the latest seasonal offerings is also nice.
Variety of processing methods: Not everyone loves an in-your-face aromatic anaerobic processed coffee, while others can’t get enough of it. Find a coffee subscription with coffees across the taste horizon, from classic to more modern ones.

Variety of roast levels: Similar to processing methods, not everyone loves the super dark coffees that you might find at a Starbucks, as when looking for quality, you want to taste the original characteristics of a coffee truly. We suggest you look for coffee subscriptions with a wide range of roast levels, from very light coffee to dark (but not too dark) coffees.

Variety of roasters: This is one that not everyone can offer, as most of the roasters on this list are small businesses like ours, but it is always nice to taste a variety of regional coffee roasters. If you are a beginner in coffee and want to explore what is out there, consider some of the larger aggregators of coffee roasters like Trade Coffee or others.

Finally, once you find a coffee or roaster you like, stick with them, as many of these coffee subscriptions are from small businesses, and your ongoing support means the world to them!

Best local New York coffee subscription

Coffee Bros.

It’s us!

We are Coffee Bros., a small-batch coffee roastery based in Long Island City, Queens. My brother Nick and I started our specialty coffee journey in 2019. We have since established excellent partnerships with producers in over 12 countries and have created well-loved blends like our Espresso roasts and beautiful and vibrant Single-origin coffees.

Why us?

We are a super hands-on small team that focuses on crafting the best blends and single-origin offerings. Our subscription service allows for several customizations, and you can change or cancel at any time.

30% off your first Subscription Purchase

And for those reading this blog and want to try our subscription for a massive discount,

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Who is this subscription not for:

If you want to test various roasters, the Coffee Bros. coffee subscription may not be for you right now. That said, we offer many roast levels, flavor profiles, origins, and year-round blends, making it an excellent subscription for anyone wanting to stick with and dial in one roaster.

Best coffee subscription for beginners

Trade Coffee

If you are just getting started with specialty coffee, then this is the subscription for you! Trade has a vast number of coffee roasters on its platform and ones that have all the variety you will ever want or need.
There are a few ways to shop on Trade’s website, but the standard flow involves answering a series of questions to understand your coffee-drinking preferences better.

Many of these questions might be unknown to those just starting with coffee, so hitting the “Surprise Me” button at the bottom of the quiz may be your best option.

As Trade begins sending you coffee at your cadence of choice, pay attention to those factors listed above (roast level, processing methods, and origins), as these will help you define a ‘better’ subscription in the future. It’s fun to use the “Surprise Me” feature as this is a quick way to discover what you love and what you might want to avoid moving forward.

Who is this subscription not for:

If you are a seasoned coffee drinker and know precisely what you like or want, the Trade subscription may not be best suited. It is undoubtedly helpful to discover a new coffee roaster and potentially stick with a subscription from them, allowing you to know exactly how to dial the coffee beans in when you receive them.

Best coffee subscription for variety

Atlas Coffee Club

The Atlas Coffee Club will take you on a journey from Malawi to Myanmar, India, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and more!

The Atlas Coffee Club subscription takes consumers on a monthly journey to receive freshly roasted coffee beans, flavor notes, and information about the origin.

The Atlas coffee subscription differs from Trade Coffee because all the offerings come from the same source, Atlas. While this is not a con against the subscription, it is worth noting if you want to try different coffee roasters nationwide.

Additionally, Atlas Coffee Club prides itself on exceeding the Specialty Coffee Association's 80-point standard for specialty coffee, ensuring high-quality selections.

Who is this subscription not for:

The Atlas Coffee Club subscription may not be suitable for those looking to test a variety of coffee roasters.

Additionally, while the Atlas Coffee Club prides itself on providing specialty coffee to its customers, it falls below the 86 – 88pt+ range you can find when purchasing from a small-batch roaster.

Best single-origin coffee subscription

Verve Coffee

Look no further than the Roaster’s Choice Single Origin coffee subscription from Verve Coffee.

Verve Coffee received the 2024 Coffee Roaster of the Year award from Roast Magazine due to its quality and transparent offerings, which range from beautiful single-origin coffees to year-round blends.

Verve operates over 15 café locations, from Los Angeles to Kamakura, Japan.

Verve's mission is to uphold innovative practices and ensure fair direct trade, with active involvement in every step of the supply chain and support for producers worldwide. Verve recognizes that the commitment and expertise of our producers are crucial to the quality and uniqueness of the coffees we're known for and deeply passionate about.

Who is this subscription not for:

This could be a positive or a negative, but any subscription from a single roaster may be more limited in variety (roast levels and taste profiles) as some roasters tend to have a style and stick with it. That said, if you find a roaster whose roasting style and sourcing principles align with what you are looking for, then sticking with a single roaster is ideal. Also, in most cases, you get to support a cool small business!

Best gift coffee subscription

Bean Box

The Bean Box coffee subscription has two great options when shopping for a gift. First, their World Coffee Tour, priced at just under $100.00, will send your gift receiver 12 expertly curated coffees from around the world. This box is a one-off gift, as it comes with all 12 1.8oz bags of coffee from different roasters and origins. It is a bit expensive when you do the math, but there is no easier way to try many different roasters and origins simultaneously.

With the Bean Box Coffee of the Month subscription, you will get one unique 12-ounce coffee from one of the nation’s best independent roasters (on the West Coast) each month. You can choose a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month option, and it is another excellent way to try a multitude of roasters and origins but with larger-sized bags and over an extended period.

Who is this subscription not for:

This World Coffee Tour coffee bean subscription from Bean Box is a better gift than a long-term one. This is a great gift for a coffee beginner as they can taste 12 different roasters and origins all within one box. If you are gifting a more seasoned home barista, we always recommend supporting a roaster directly, like the subscriptions from Coffee Bros. (that’s us!) or Verve Coffee.

Best Subscription for Espresso Lovers

Counter Culture Coffee

It’s hard not to plug us on this one as our two top-selling coffees are our Espresso Roast and Dark Espresso blends. These are year-round coffees that please the most discerning palate as one is a sweeter and brighter espresso (which still cuts through milk), and the Dark Espresso works great for larger milk-based espresso drinks.

While we know we are not the only game in town, Counter Culture Coffee also has some fantastic year-round blends ranging from medium to dark-roasted coffee, all of which can make an excellent espresso subscription.

What is great about going directly to a specific coffee roaster (once you find the one you love) is knowing exactly what you are getting each time and how to dial it in. If you have an entry-level espresso machine like a Breville or something more sophisticated like a paddle-controlled Lelit Bianca, you know how difficult and frustrating it can be to dial in your coffee. Sticking with an individual roaster here will keep things consistent, and you’ll have far fewer wasted shots!

Who is this subscription not for:

As mentioned earlier, any subscription from a single coffee roaster can be great or limit choices and variety. If you are beginning your coffee brewing journey, try out one of the larger coffee aggregates like Trade or a gift subscription before diving into a specific roaster. That said, many roasters like us offer small sample bags at reasonable prices, which may be a great way to try everything from a roaster before diving in with both feet.

Best independent coffee subscription

City Boy Coffee

City Boy's Sphere Coffee Club invites members on a monthly coffee exploration, showcasing a variety of flavors from across the globe. Their coffee is freshly roasted in small batches to guarantee top-notch quality, but their dedication goes beyond mere roasting.

Focused on single-origin coffee, City Boy's Sphere Coffee Club highlights the individuality of each batch. As one batch concludes, they introduce fresh, seasonal coffees that are exciting and new. Unlike other companies that create blends for consistency but sacrifice distinctiveness, City Boy's Sphere Coffee Club revels in the unique tastes of single-origin coffees. They are constantly sampling new coffees to discover and share distinctive and thrilling choices with their subscribers.

Matt, from City Boy, has been submitting coffee to Coffee Review and receiving fantastic scores. This shows his dedication to sourcing and strong partnerships, which leads to fantastic cup scores!

Who is this subscription not for:

What is great about the Sphere coffee subscription is that you get highly curated and scoring coffees each month worldwide and support a small business!

If you want to experiment with different roasters and styles, this might not be the best coffee subscription for you.

Best unique coffee subscription

Cometeer Coffee

The Cometeer coffee subscription, established by Matt Roberts and Doug Hoon, has transformed how coffee is brewed with its innovative flash-freezing technique. Born from the pursuit of outstanding home-brewed coffee, the company has redefined the standards of coffee excellence. Cometeer's capsules lock in the rich flavor of artisanal coffee, using flash-freezing to keep it fresh until it's time to brew. Preparing these capsules is simple and requires no machines or grinding—add hot water. Cometeer is committed to ethical trade and sustainable practices, collaborating with leading specialty roasters who share these principles. Their cutting-edge cryogenic packaging guarantees a flawlessly consistent brew, preserving its fresh taste for months, and has served over 5 million cups of top-quality coffee.

Who is this subscription not for:

If you want to brew coffee differently and craft your beverage, this may not be the best subscription for you. While super innovative, unique, and worth the try, Cometeer has a limited number of roasters on its platform, and the brewing and drink style might not be best suited for everyone.


With so many independent coffee roasters and aggregator coffee subscription sites, it can seem daunting to know where to start. We hope this article has given you some direction on where to start based on your preferences or what might be a great gift subscription around the holidays.

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