The 51 Best Specialty Coffee Roasters and Brands in 2024

The 51 Best Specialty Coffee Roasters and Brands in 2024


There are thousands of coffee roasters in the USA, and many well-known coffee brands like Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee, but are they the best?

We set out to define who we believe (as coffee professionals ourselves) are the best coffee roasters from which you, as the consumer, should be purchasing coffee. While we must admit we haven’t tried all 3,212 coffee roasters on this list (and surprisingly, many are missing), we do list the roasters we have experienced in the past and consider truly high-end specialty coffee.

The best specialty coffee brands in the USA are multi-faceted, with diverse and distinct offerings. Each brand has its own unique background, from the founders' story, the missions they attach to, the producers they purchase from and support, down to the size of the company, from the very large to the very small (like us, only two employees).

Before we dive in, we wanted to introduce ourselves. We are Coffee Bros., a specialty coffee roaster based in NYC, founded in 2019. We pride ourselves on what we deem as the four pillars of running a coffee company: sustainability, quality, consistency, and freshness. You can read more about our company and mission below.

As coffee roasters, we sample and cup thousands of coffees a year between what is sent to us from our partners and through the quality control of our coffee. We also love to see what else is on the market and explore what amazing things other coffee companies are up to, which is how and where we get our opinion for this list.

This blog is for specialty coffee lovers looking for a unique perspective on the best coffee roasters and brands in the United States of America. If we left off your favorite brand, or maybe it is your brand, shoot us a message, as we are always open to trying coffee roasters and considering them for this list! The list below includes some of our favorite coffee roasters, all of whom we have interacted with from purchasing their coffee online, drinking their coffee in a café, or roasting in the same facility as those on the list.

Our favorite coffee roasters and brands

The Best Specialty Coffee Roasters in the USA

Though most of the list is in no particular order, those toward the top are the ones we’ve interacted with most, whether they are roasters we have worked closely with, have been highly influenced by, or have enjoyed their coffee the most.

Everyone on the list are roasters we have personally experienced and can deem as truly specialty coffee and ones that we personally support and recommend.

Our Top 15 Picks:

1. Coffee Bros.: Yes, this is us!

About: We are Coffee Bros. Coffee of NYC, an expertly crafted, small-batch coffee company. We are a proud business of two brothers who focus on sourcing 86-90+pt coffees and are committed to coffee excellence and sustainability.

We have pledged to produce high-quality coffee and help improve the livelihoods of those along the coffee supply chain. We commit yearly donations to support organizations that help with this mission and work with producers with the same mindset. Some organizations and producers we work with include World Coffee Research, Cup of Excellence, Grounds for Health, One Tree Planted, Agricafe, Daye Bensa, and Gems of Araku, to name a few.

What makes Coffee Bros. special:

The Coffee Bros. brand is known for its extremely high-quality blends of 86 – 90pt coffees, often unheard of in the industry for blended coffee beans. Coffee Bros. also sources exquisite and seasonal single-origin and award-winning coffees from auctions like the Cup of Excellence and Gems of Araku.

Coffee Bros. is also known for its educational written material on espresso and brewing. Some of their top articles include:

  1. Espresso puck preparation
  2. Coffee brew guides
  3. Coffee flavor profiles
  4. Coffee roast levels

Coffee Bros. also describes their coffees uniquely through their flavor profile attributes of Classic, Balanced, Adventurous, and Modern, and through their unique color-grading system seen here, which helps the customer better home on what coffee may work best for their taste and brewing preferences.

Customers also love Coffee Bros. for their diligent customer service; contacting Coffee Bros. directly will get you in contact with one of the owners, who will always promptly answer your questions with passion.

2. Onyx Coffee

About: Years ago, the motto "Never Settle for Good Enough" emerged, evolving from a slogan into a guiding principle at Onyx. This philosophy infuses our entire operation.

Our journey starts with global coffee exploration, traversing diverse lands, and maintaining high taste and quality standards. At our HQ, precise roast adjustments are made to ensure exceptional flavors.

We use solar energy to roast and ship coffee weekly, meticulously cupping for quality and data tracking. This transparent information reflects our dedication to excellence.

Each coffee's pricing and trade details, rare in the industry, highlight our commitment to fairness and recognition of partners' efforts.

Education is paramount, with comprehensive training spanning farming to preparation. Our inviting cafes prioritize personalized service, reflecting an artistic culmination of the supply chain.

Regardless of expertise, our commitment to quality and hospitality shines in every aspect of our business. Join us on this journey of excellence.

What makes Onyx Coffee special: In our eyes, Onyx Coffee may be the pinnacle of specialty coffee in the United States of America and a company we pull much inspiration. Not only does Onyx have some outstanding and notable staff, such as Lance Henrick, Morgan Eckroth, Mark Davis (previous roaster), and many others, but they also tell the story of coffee extremely well and have lasting and positive relationships with most of if not all of the coffee they source.

Onyx is a powerhouse in the specialty coffee industry and what we deem a mover, where many smaller brands gain inspiration and knowledge to help move the needle with transparency, sustainability, and overall quality.

The Onyx transparency report that exists on every coffee page is something that every specialty coffee roaster should work toward. Onyx also greatly details its efforts toward environmental sustainability and goes above and beyond to break down better flavor and roast profiles for each coffee. If that wasn’t enough, Onyx is the leader in the design, marketing, and visualization of the entire coffee supply chain, and purchasing a coffee on its website is beyond a pleasant experience, which is tough to say for many e-commerce sites.

3. Proud Mary Coffee

About: Founded in Melbourne, Australia, in 2009 by Nolan and Shari Hirte, Proud Mary is dedicated to enhancing mornings dramatically. Their Portland location aims to deliver heartfelt experiences. Nolan's passion for coffee has led to its use in their cafes. Proud Mary believes in the synergy of great coffee and food, serving all-day breakfast, lunch, and more, alongside their high-quality coffee. They focus on ethical sourcing, establishing relationships with coffee farmers, and promoting equitable practices. Proud Mary blends Melbourne's coffee culture with Portland's innovative food scene, resulting in a refined yet experimental approach to their offerings and service.

What makes Proud Mary special: Proud Mary is another coffee roastery that does a fantastic job of detailing the differences between their coffees with their simple yet informative Flavor Profile scale of, Mild, Curious, Wild, and Deluxe. Proud Mary has been around since 2009, offering high-end, single-source, and award-winning coffees.

We are big suckers for great branding and sub-branding, which Proud Mary does well. Their “Deluxe” coffee offerings come in these mini paint cans, each with a beautifully designed sticker.

We have experienced several of Proud Mary’s coffees, from Mild to Deluxe, and can say they are top-tier roasters. We have not visited one of their café locations yet but will update our thoughts when we do so!

4. JBC Coffee Roasters

About: JBC’s coffee brand philosophy centers on unparalleled quality, human stories, and sustainability. We ensure the coffee is inspiring before purchase. Recognizing the often-overlooked human aspect in the supply chain, we offer a complete seed-to-cup experience, valuing all contributors. Sustainability is paramount; we source sustainable coffees directly from producers and like-minded brokers for economic and environmental equilibrium. JBC Coffee Roasters embodies this ethos, blending a passion for exceptional coffee with Midwest hospitality. As a 50% women-owned business, we're committed to excellence. Recognized for our quality, awards include being among America's best coffee roasters, winning Good Food Awards five times, and receiving Forbes and Coffee Review accolades. Our dedication extends to various coffee championships. Join us to share our coffee enthusiasm.

What makes JBC so special: JBC’s accolades speak for themselves and was how we were introduced to them in the first place. As coffee roasters, we are always cupping (sampling) coffees that may make it to our menu, and part of that process is evaluating coffees from other roasters. Seeing how JBC has been awarded numerous 90+pt coffee scores from Coffee Review, we took note of them and began purchasing some of their coffee to compare against our high-scoring lots.

Their coffee is delicious, and they have enough accolades to stake a claim as one of the best coffee roasters in the United States of America.

5. Red Rooster Coffee Roasters

About: Founded in 2010 in Floyd, VA, Red Rooster began with the goal of roasting exceptional coffee. Its reputation quickly expanded across the East Coast. With over 40 employees today, Red Rooster is committed to quality and positive social impact.

Their responsibly sourced coffee beans includes Organic and Fair-Trade options, prioritizing worker treatment and environmental care. By purchasing directly from farmers, they support local economies.

Sustainability is central to their practices. They utilize biodegradable bags, local printing, composting, recycling, and compostable to-go products. Co-owner Haden actively promotes sustainability.

The Red Rooster brand is a family business that contributes to their local community through local hiring, living wages, healthcare, charitable donations, and fundraisers. They even established an onsite daycare for employees' children. Red Rooster aims to be an economic and social cornerstone in their rural community.

What makes Red Rooster so special: Red Rooster is another highly regarded coffee roaster with many accolades to back it up. What we specifically love about Red Rooster (outside of their gorgeous packaging) is their seasonal coffee offerings from various origins producers, with varying processing methods from aged naturals to anaerobic offerings.

Red Rooster does a fantastic job creating a wide array of offerings, from the classic to the bold, detailing these differences on their site. Red Rooster offers regional box sets, Snapchill coffee cans, and single-serve bags to give their customers fun offerings to always look forward to.

Red Rooster is another fantastic coffee company that we respect for their accolades and great-tasting coffee, and thoughtful approach to coffee sourcing and producer relationships.

6. Regalia Coffee Roasters

About: Founded by Paolo Maliksi, Regalia is celebrated in the industry as one of the finest roasteries globally. Trained by Scott Rao, Paolo is a renowned master roaster with a coffee program that boasts global recognition. His coffee graces premier establishments worldwide, positioning him as a coffee consultant, mentor, instructor, café owner, and luminary in the field.

The Regalia brand ethos revolves around curating a selection that artfully captures regional terroir, enduring relationships, and innovative coffee production techniques. With Paolo's expertise, Regalia is not only a roastery but a beacon of excellence, shaping the coffee landscape locally and internationally.

What makes Regalia so special:

Regalia, Paolo, and their roasting cooperative (now called Multimodal) is where we started as coffee roasters in 2018. Paolo has inspired us by providing us with the space to start our business and the early guidance needed to help us become the roasters we are today.

Regalia and Multimodal will always hold a special place in our hearts as we feel we have landed in the best place to learn from and start a coffee roasting business. Knowing Paolo personally and professionally, it is easy to see why Regalia is considered one of the best coffee roasters in the country.

7. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

About: From farm to cup, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters relentlessly pursue perfection in every aspect. Their commitment starts with sourcing green coffee that meets their high standards and is treated with deep respect during roasting and preparation. Their dedication has earned them the prestigious Roaster of the Year award and consistently high scores from Coffee Review. With a Q-Grader-certified roaster, their staff's coffee expertise is globally recognized.

Beyond perfecting lattes, the Bird Rock brand offers a premier roaster, seasonal pour-over bar, public cuppings, and thorough insights into their coffee selection. Setting them apart, they directly engage with farmers, surpassing fair trade limitations. This roaster brings exceptional coffee to San Diego and champions ethical practices and utmost reverence for the growers.

What makes Bird Rock coffee so special:

Bird Rock started in specialty coffee in 2002 on a small home roaster and sold only at farmer’s markets. Today, Bird Rock Coffee is consistently voted the best coffee roaster in the US, with many highly rated coffees on their menu.

Bird Rock has been there from the beginning of the specialty coffee movement and is certainly a company we draw inspiration from. Bird Rock features fantastic coffees worldwide and supports organizations like Cup of Excellence, where they source many of their award-winning coffees.

We love Bird Rock for its extensive offering of high-quality single-origin coffees and blends. Bird Rock has often created coffees that support individual organizations, like their Project Waterfall coffee which donates $1.00 per bag to The Allegra Foundation.

8. Mostra Coffee Roasters

About: The journey began with four friends asking how to create a business to impact locally and globally positively. Inspired during a trip to the Philippines, Jelynn Malone and Beverly Magtanong, along with Sam (a veteran) and Mike (a chef and roaster), merged their gifts and heritage. Mostra Coffee emerged, aiming to elevate performance through exceptional coffee. They invest in San Diego through education, empowering their community. Globally, they source quality beans from the Philippines, supporting an underserved region. From its first shop to expanding worldwide, Mostra Coffee remains dedicated to its mission. Their journey encompasses helping farmers, winning awards, and producing coffee that tastes and does good.

What makes Mostra coffee so special:

A list of the top coffee roasting brands in the US would only be complete by mentioning Mostra. Mostra Coffee and roaster Nick Berardi took home the coveted 1st place trophy at the US Coffee Championships in 2022. The intense three days of competition across six stages gave Nick and Mostra entry to the World Coffee Championships in Milan, Italy,

Our story with Mostra started with a phone call with one of their owners about a project we were working on. There are very few times when you come across someone so genuine and supportive of someone else’s ideas and business (especially in the same industry), and that is how we felt when we spoke to Sam of Mostra. Mostra strives to bring people together, serving excellent coffee with a smile each and every time. Though we have never been to a Mostra location, we certainly felt this passion over the phone and can’t wait to visit one of their locations.

9. Abraco Espresso

About: Since 2007, Abraço, a renowned Manhattan coffee bar, has been a haven for East Village locals, offering love and beverages. Beginning as a compact space with lines extending outside, Abraço has now relocated across the street, providing more room and a complete food menu. Co-owners Liz Quijada and Jamie McCormick established the café out of a shared New York desire. The café exudes a family-like ambiance, empowering staff to engage in all aspects of the operation. McCormick, the roaster, sources coffee globally with an emphasis on quality and serves coffee via various methods, prioritizing sustainability and organic ingredients. The café's unique charm, community, and dedication stand out in the ever-changing landscape of Lower Manhattan.

What makes Abraco espresso so special: Abraço was our first “wow” moment as a consumer before entering the specialty coffee industry. It was in about 2016 or 2017 when drinking a cortado where the coffee was both expertly roasted and brewed by Jamie. The coffee easily cut through the milk with a ripe strawberry note, almost comically distinct. The notes of fresh strawberry were so distinct that I thought I may have unknowingly ordered some flavored beverage not on the menu. Turns out, we just drank a Grade 1 naturally processed coffee from Ethiopia that year, and a few years after, it was a prevalent note in the coffees coming out of Yirgacheffe. That sip of coffee opened my eyes to what specialty coffee can be, and since then, I slowly worked my way into the industry to try and share a similar experience with others. That strawberry note is something we chase each year in our Espresso Roast and is exceedingly hard to find in Ethiopian coffees, and processing methods slowly change toward “cleaner” tasting coffees.

Abraço has a special place in our hearts and is where we end up after every roasting session to dive into their wonderfully tasting coffees and baked goods.

10. Prodigal Coffee

About: At 22, Scott Rao founded his first café and roastery in Amherst, MA, which quickly gained popularity and outperformed a nearby Starbucks in sales. After selling this successful café, he ventured into the New Zealand coffee scene before returning to the US to establish a restaurant and coffee roastery inspired by his experiences abroad. Scott's influence continued to expand when he established a groundbreaking café in Montreal, making a global impact on coffee practices.

Transitioning from entrepreneurship, Scott authored books to aid roasters and baristas in refining their coffee craft. This effort led to a consulting career, where he advises coffee roasters worldwide and imparts advanced roasting knowledge in masterclasses. Moreover, Scott designs innovative coffee equipment and is the author of books like "The Professional Barista's Handbook" and "The Coffee Roaster's Companion," Scott's expertise is recognized in the coffee industry.

Now, Scott runs Prodigal, a coffee roastery, alongside Mark Benedetto where they source exquisite coffees that will be well developed, clean, and juicy.

What makes Prodigal Coffee so special: With over 30 years of experience in the coffee industry, from consulting, writing, and roasting, Scott Rao’s Prodigal Coffee brand made a huge splash when launched in late 2022. If you are a coffee roaster, you have most certainly come across Scott’s work through his extensive writing (both published and online) or through one of his in-person workshops. Scott has influenced how many coffee professionals roast through his studies and teachings around roasting theory. Scott's work has most certainly impacted us; I have attended many of his workshops and consulted with him early in our career to help navigate the complexities of roasting fine and delicious coffee. Knowing Scott’s passion and experience in the industry and tasting Prodigal firsthand, it’s a no-brainer to have Scott, Mark, and Prodigal on the list of the country's best coffee brands and roasters.

11. Sey Coffee

About: Sey is interested in redefining all aspects of coffee, embracing technology and logistics. Our inspiration stems from limitless potential, allowing Sey to work with any coffee that ignites passion, regardless of cost or quantity. Sey recognizes the pivotal role of exceptional raw coffee and the dedication of those who produce it. Collaborating closely with partners, Sey reinvests to enhance origin practices transparently, fostering accountability and informed consumers. Roasting is an art Sey approaches delicately, aiming for perfect development that amplifies each coffee's essence. Sey's commitment extends to holistically bettering growers, the team, and customers. With this dedication, Sey ensures that every step contributes to the beauty of each coffee offered.

What makes Sey Coffee so special: If you have ever been to NY in search of one of the best coffee shops in America, you would have come across Sey Coffee. As coffee roasters, residents, and business owners in NYC, we have often been to Sey. Sey’s Coffee Shop in Bushwick is one of those unforgettable coffee experiences, especially if it is your first time experiencing Sey. Sey’s space is impressive, and how they present their coffee to each customer is just as remarkable.

We know Sey Coffee has a phenomenal instinct for amazing coffee, as we shared a Cup of Excellence lot with them from Ethiopia in 2021.

12. Black & White Coffee Roasters

About: At Black & White Coffee Roasters, their dedication lies in connecting people with captivating and accessible coffees. They aim to transcend mere quality coffee roasting, aspiring to challenge themselves and customers to redefine the boundaries of specialty coffee and its flavors. Founded in 2017 by two US Barista Champions, Kyle and Lem, Black and White Coffee Roasters emerged from their competitive coffee experiences with a mission to make those exceptional coffees widely accessible. Their core values - Service, Community, and Excellence - guide them. They embrace hospitality in every interaction, value their nurtured community, and pursue excellence through meticulous craftsmanship and continuous improvement. This journey is underpinned by their commitment to kindness, generosity, and the pursuit of excellence.

What makes Black & White so special: B&W is always pushing the boundaries within the coffee space with its highly transparent approach to coffee sourcing and roasting and its ever-changing menu of distinct coffees from varying regions and processing methods.

Though we have known of the B&W brand since we have been in the space for quite some time, we were introduced to their coffee from a friend who purchased their subscription. As mentioned earlier, we love tasting coffees of other roasters to understand the marketplace better. While it is not possible to taste coffee from every roaster in the USA, we try our best to hit on as many of the more popular roasters each month.  

A simple trade of one bag of our coffee for a B&W coffee opened our eyes to some delicious and well-roasted coffee from Brazil.

B&W has also been on our radar for being the 1st US roaster to trade with the new digital end-to-end platform CropConex. We always love reading stories about how roasters push to become as transparent as possible in the supply chain and CropConex pioneering technology for a more transparent trade.

13. Devoción Coffee Roasters

About: In 2006, Steven Sutton, originally from Colombia, introduced Devoción, driven by the pursuit of creating incredibly fresh coffee. He recognized that roasting contributes only partially to coffee's flavor, with the beans' freshness playing a crucial role. Despite this, many coffee beans deteriorate in flavor over months. To combat this, the Devoción team takes extraordinary measures, even close to the cherry-picking stage. With over 1,000 carefully chosen farm partners, they oversee the drying process at their Bogotá facility, maintain control over exporting, and conduct roasting in Brooklyn. The aim is to deliver the freshest coffee experience to consumers, underscoring the importance of roasting and exceptional bean freshness.

What makes Devoción so special: Devoción is another NYC staple with arguably one of the nicest cafes in the city with their Williamsburg location, which also serves as a roasting facility.

Devoción is known for its beautiful and clean black and yellow branding, neat café space designs, and the desire to have the freshest coffee on the market by working directly with producers and shipping from their processing facility in Bogota to their roastery.

Devoción’s cafe location in Williamsburg, with its roastery, sample room, and office space, is aspirational for anyone in the coffee industry and has certainly impacted us as coffee professionals. Devoción is always among our top recommendations for anyone visiting NYC.

14. Blue Bottle Coffee Roasters

About: Blue Bottle perceives coffee from a unique perspective, a viewpoint they adopted two decades ago when they embarked on their modest mission. They played a pivotal role in reshaping how specialty coffee is presented today. Embracing the full spectrum of natural flavors, their vision was to introduce the world to the delightful intricacies of coffee. Blue Bottle's journey commenced with an unwavering commitment to demonstrating that coffee, treated with precision, care, and rigorous standards, could embody brilliance and delectability. They've spared no effort in unlocking coffee's true potential throughout the journey from seed to cup. Innovating at every juncture, they've fostered collaborations with like-minded growers, evolved farming and processing techniques, and revolutionized roasting methods to enhance flavor without intruding on the coffee's essence.

What makes Blue Bottle so special: The Blue Bottle brand has been in the specialty coffee scene for more than two decades, and some may say they were at the forefront of the third-wave coffee movement. Within 17 years, Nestle purchased a majority stake in Blue Bottle, which valued the company at more than $700 million.

What fascinates us most about the Nestle and Blue Bottle deal is that much hasn’t changed with how Blue Bottle approaches its coffee. Indeed, although they possess greater financial resources for broadening their café presence and securing expansive distribution agreements, Blue Bottle's fundamental essence has largely remained intact. The fervor and uncompromising standards that defined their beginnings as a startup persists today.

15. Passenger Coffee Roasters

About: Passenger's mission is to curate and showcase the most unforgettable coffee and tea worldwide, all while emphasizing the importance of a fair supply chain. Beyond being everyday companions, coffee and tea offer a chance for exploration and delight. This pursuit begins at the origin, fostering partnerships with producers for a just supply chain. The journey continues as they carefully present their products, revolutionizing how we perceive coffee – from a seasonal crop to a collection of remarkable harvests. With an ever-growing selection, Passenger aims to cater to all preferences. They offer familiar favorites and surprising blends for various occasions, ensuring their distinct beverages accompany you throughout your journey.

What makes Passenger Coffee so special: Passenger is another one of those coffee companies, like Onyx, those within the industry strive to be like. We are fond of their mission to become B Corp-certified in 2019, and it has been something on our radar to work toward eventually. Passenger Coffee is constantly moving the needle regarding transparency. Passenger recently debuted its first transparency report in 2022, unveiling pricing details for all coffees acquired by its green coffee buying team and details around their sourcing ideology and even methods of green coffee storage.

Passenger and sister company Necessary Coffee is a bright spot in the industry that often lacks internal and external transparency. Passenger Coffee’s business model and tight adherence to B Corp and pricing transparency make it one of the most producer-friendly companies in the country.

Our Picks from 16 - 51

The coffee brands and roasters in our top 15 are those we hold the greatest passion for, often stemming from our personal or professional experience with them. Additionally, we find the following coffee roasters and brands exceptional, although our engagement may not have been as extensive as with our top 15 choices. We welcome your thoughts on this list and encourage you to reach out if you need to look into any of your favored coffee brands!

16. Drink Coffee Do Stuff

About: DRINK COFFEE DO STUFF embodies a specialty coffee venture founded on the principle that exceptional coffee cultivates an exceptional lifestyle. This mantra originated in the Swiss Alps back in 2012, during the professional snowboarding days of founder Nick Visconti, and endures today at our headquarters in Lake Tahoe. Since specialty coffees thrive in altitudes akin to our roastery's location, we exclusively source them from mountainous regions and roast them amidst the mountains. Our distinctive coffee roasting approach prioritizes accentuating sweetness and showcasing the unique characteristics of each origin. Roasting at a high altitude of 6,000ft in Lake Tahoe affords us distinct advantages in consistently achieving this goal, resulting in sweeter and less bitter coffees.

17. Joe Coffee

About: In 2003, Jonathan Rubinstein founded the Joe Coffee brand with a clear vision: serve high-quality coffee to the community with warmth and hospitality. Over two decades, Joe Coffee has grown from a Greenwich Village corner cafe into a network of 20+ locations across New York City. With their own roastery in Long Island City, they lead the specialty coffee movement in the city. Their commitment to exceptional coffee extends beyond quality to positive impact. They build lasting relationships with producers who share their values of quality, ethics, collaboration, and integrity. Their small-batch roasting highlights each coffee beans unique traits, ensuring a meticulous quality control process. Joe Coffee is dedicated to sourcing 80% of its coffees from Rainforest Alliance-certified producers, contributing to a sustainable and equitable supply chain.

18. Heart Coffee Roasters

About: Established in 2009, Heart Coffee prioritizes showcasing the unique fruit flavors of coffee. Owned by Rebekah & Wille Yli-Luoma, Heart has grown to encompass two cafes and a roasting facility in Portland, Oregon. The company aims to provide a supportive and inclusive workplace, delivering exceptional customer service. They've cultivated direct relationships with coffee producers across Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia, and more. heart ensures financial stability for its farming partners, promoting long-lasting and sustainable collaborations. They procure coffee during peak seasons for optimal freshness and visit origins to maintain quality control. In 2018, Heart's average price per pound for coffee was well above the commodity market rate. They roast for consistency, emphasizing clarity and sweetness, and each bag is labeled with a roast date and batch number for quality assurance.

19. Little Wolf Coffee Roasters

About: Driven by a passion for excellent coffee, Little Wolf Coffee focuses on sourcing the finest green beans and collaborating with like-minded partners. Their meticulous roasting process carefully brings out the distinct qualities of each coffee, emphasizing its uniqueness. Little Wolf believes that the joy of a cup of coffee is enhanced by the company you keep. Whether enjoyed with friends, furry companions, or alone, they value the experience.

Originating in Ipswich, MA, in 2016, the journey of the Little Wolf Coffee brand began with Chris and Melissa's love for sharing coffee with their community. Inspired by their Siberian Husky, River, they embarked on a specialty coffee venture that reflects their commitment to showcasing coffee's inherent attributes. Instead of altering beans through roasting, they source a variety of flavor profiles and roast them lightly to medium, ensuring full development.

Little Wolf Coffee places the community at the forefront, aiming to foster a welcoming environment for seasoned coffee enthusiasts and newcomers. Their emphasis on approachability, openness, and companionship is a foundation for sharing their love for specialty coffee.

20. Tandem Coffee Roasters

About: After gaining experience in various coffee scenes, including Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, San Francisco, and New York, Will and Kathleen Pratt established Tandem Coffee Roasters in Portland, Maine, in 2012. Their warm, intimate cafe and roastery found a home in a charming 1930s brick building in Portland's East Bayside. Subsequently, they expanded with another location named Tandem Coffee + Bakery in the West End in 2014.

The team also includes accomplished baker Briana Holt, who brings her skills and experiences from Martha’s Vineyard and NYC establishments like M. Wells and Pies and Thighs. Their shared bond and dreams led to the bakery concept, driven by a friendship of almost two decades.

Tandem is dedicated to sourcing exceptional single-origin coffee beans and seasonal blends. Their commitment to ethical sourcing involves working closely with small growers and specialty importers, with 1% of their annual sales going towards environmental non-profits to support the planet's future.

The company actively addresses its environmental impact by purchasing carbon credits and investing in climate change solutions. These include reforestation in Alaska, solar projects in China, wind projects in India, and internal measures to reduce emissions continually.

21. Bonlife Coffee Roasters

About: The coffee journey encompasses everyone involved, from the diligent farmers and traders to the roasters, brewers, and consumers. Bonlife aims to heighten awareness of our collective role in enhancing the lives of these individuals.

Despite being a valuable global commodity, coffee is primarily produced in the world's most impoverished nations. To drive change, we directly source from farms that yield exceptional coffee quality while ensuring fair wages for farmers and workers.

Our focus extends to positively influencing the communities in these regions, and we actively maintain our farm partnerships through regular visits. Our direct collaboration spans various countries, including Haiti, Ethiopia, Uganda, Burundi, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. Bonlife aims to revive the coffee industry in these remarkable nations, one farmer at a time.

The essence of "Bonlife" is pursuing a good life, a principle that guides us daily. We're thrilled to share these remarkable coffees with you and invite you to participate in our impact, sustainability, and empowerment narrative. Together, let's sip on a more meaningful story.

22. Klatch Coffee Roasters

About: Klatch, a family-operated coffee company headquartered in Southern California with a global reach, takes pride in sourcing, roasting, and brewing its own coffee using a scientific approach that evokes enthusiastic reactions. This blend of artistry and scientific rigor, characterized by meticulous attention and extensive taste testing, has led to a taste experience that garners colorful descriptions.

Known as the "peak of flavor method," Klatch's distinctive approach has earned them a prominent position in the global coffee for over thirty years. Their journey in Klatch Direct Trade Coffee commences with forging partnerships with producers who share their values of ethics, quality, environmental stewardship, excellence, and community.

The brand champions a Direct Trade Coffee model that aligns with the needs of today's market and families. They bypass traditional intermediaries and purchase directly from growers, enabling them to compensate well above Fair Trade minimums. This purchasing strategy, which often involves paying double or triple Fair-Trade prices based on cup quality, underscores their commitment to advancing the quality of coffee while fostering sustainable and meaningful careers within the specialty coffee sector.

23. Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters

About: Intelligentsia, a trailblazing specialty coffee entity, began as a modest venture in Chicago and evolved into a dynamic enterprise fueled by curiosity and a ceaseless pursuit of exceptional coffee. Co-founders Doug Zell and Emily Mange embarked on this journey driven by their desire for freshly roasted coffee in coffee-scarce Chicago. Instead of settling or complaining, they crafted Intelligentsia Coffee's original business plan. Opening their first café and roastery in 1995, they roasted meticulously with a Probat L12, perfecting their approach one batch at a time.

Their emphasis on sourcing extraordinary coffee, fair pricing, purposeful roasting, and community connection led to Intelligentsia's transformative impact on the specialty coffee landscape. Their presence now spans Austin, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York, with a commitment to expansion. In addition to coffee bars and training centers, In-season subscriptions and global distribution extend their diverse coffee offerings, making Intelligentsia a choice for renowned establishments worldwide.

24. PT's Coffee Roasters

About: Established in 1993 by Jeff Taylor and Fred Polzin in Topeka, Kansas, PT’s Coffee embarked on a quest for exceptional coffee. Starting with two retail outlets, the company expanded into green coffee sourcing, roasting, and direct trade partnerships, positioning it as a specialty coffee leader. They measure success based on their standards and prioritize quality across the coffee journey. Around 80% of their coffee comes from their Direct Trade program, focusing on socially responsible and environmentally conscious partnerships. Their extensive range of single-origin coffees and blends is roasted to order and has earned accolades, including Roaster of the Year and top Coffee Review scores. Operating in retail, wholesale, and online, PT’s Coffee is dedicated to exploration and excellence, inviting others to join their coffee journey.

25. Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters

About: Founded by award-winning roaster Andy Sprenger, Sweet Bloom has become a premier coffee roaster known for its exceptional quality and unique approach. With a background in wetland conservation, Andy's keen observation skills transitioned seamlessly into coffee tasting. After gaining recognition in the industry, he founded Sweet Bloom in Colorado in 2013, emphasizing storytelling and education. In 2019, Eric Yochim, a coffee entrepreneur with a background in hospitality, merged his business with Sweet Bloom. Together, they expanded the brand and opened additional cafes. Andy focuses on sourcing and roasting, while Eric leads hospitality and community engagement. This partnership has fostered a dedicated team committed to quality and customer experience, resulting in Sweet Bloom's well-deserved reputation.

26. Verve Coffee Roasters

About: Verve is driven by an unwavering passion for sourcing the finest global coffees. With an exceptional focus on craft, quality, and connections, the company is committed to positively influencing coffee communities, from the farm to the streets.

For Verve, coffee is a holistic craft, encompassing the entire journey from seed to cup. Their dedication to innovation, farming, roasting, sourcing, and exploration is a testament to their craft.

Embracing quality as its guiding principle, Verve preserves cultivars, experiments with roasting techniques, curates specialty-grade ingredients, and introduces their coffee to the market. Central to their success are the relationships they cultivate.

By upholding fairness and equitability from Farmlevel to Streetlevel, Verve fosters an empowering and inclusive work environment. Their Farmlevel Initiative defines how they source the world's best coffees. This Direct-Trade buying approach involves paying premiums for excellence and investing in coffee communities and their ecosystems.

27. Greater Goods Coffee Roasters

About: Greater Goods presents a thoughtfully curated array of specialty coffees from across the globe, catering to a diverse range of tastes with distinctive single origins and harmonious blends. Their foundation rests upon key principles:

Precise Sourcing and Roasting: Their pursuit of exceptional coffee takes them on extensive journeys from Colombia to Kenya. Professional Q-graders on staff evaluate potential coffees based on sensory attributes. Yet, they emphasize both cup quality and ethical and environmental responsibility. They collaborate with producers who uphold fair wages and sustainable methods. Upon receiving the beans, individual roast recipes are meticulously crafted.

Recognition of Excellence: Greater Goods' sourcing and roasting prowess earned them the distinction of BEST COFFEE IN TEXAS IN 2019 by Food & Wine Magazine.

Community Commitment: Beyond coffee excellence, they fervently commit to their community. Each coffee variety supports one of four local Texas nonprofits, making every purchase contribute to meaningful causes.

Sharing Coffee Wisdom: Their training lab in East Austin serves as an SCA Premier Training Campus, offering professional certification courses, community classes, and teambuilding sessions to share the art of great coffee.

Texas Roots: Founded by Khanh Trang and Trey Cobb in 2015, Greater Goods was established in the Texas Hill Country, eventually expanding to cafés in East Austin and Bee Cave. While they've grown, their ethos remains focused on treating employees and customers like family, providing Texas-style hospitality to everyone who enters their spaces.

28. Alma Coffee Roasters

About: Alma Coffee was established in 2018 by Leticia and Harry Hutchins, driven by the mission to illuminate the positive influence of Direct Trade coffee on the industry and to offer ethically sourced farm-to-cup coffee for everyone. Rooted in a coffee heritage spanning five generations, Leticia, born into a coffee-farming family in Honduras, embodies Alma's legacy. Leticia's father, Al Lopez, co-founder of Alma, nurtured their coffee legacy by bringing her to the family farms in Copan, Honduras.

Leticia and Harry's journey started in high school and converged with a shared aspiration for global betterment. Amidst careers in consulting, they felt the call to create a positive impact through Direct Trade, inspired by their visits to the family farms. Alma Coffee emerged from their passion to continue the family coffee heritage.

Alma's foundation rests on three pillars: "Improving Lives," nurturing a sense of community and growth for their team; "Sustainable Practices," evident in their eco-friendly Loring Smart Roasters; and "Extraordinary Coffee," a testament to their hands-on approach from farm to cup. Patrons directly support coffee farmers by choosing Alma Coffee, cultivating a positive industry shift, and enhancing each cup with every harvest.

29. Mother Tongue Coffee Roasters

About: Mother Tongue carefully sources coffee from trusted producers who share their values. Recognizing that coffee is a business benefiting the entire value chain, they prioritize mutual prosperity for sustainable communities. By offering prices above fairness standards, they support producers making positive financial impacts in coffee-producing nations. Mother Tongue Coffee, founded by Jen Apodaca in 2019, represents ethical sourcing and exceptional taste. With over a decade of roasting experience for renowned brands, Jen, a certified Q-Grader and influential figure in the coffee industry, embodies a true roaster's expertise. Her initiatives, like the #shestheroaster campaign, champion women's roles in coffee and encourage aspiring professional roasters.

30. ReAnimator Coffee Roasters

About: ReAnimator Coffee is devoted to the pursuit of experiences in coffee. From sourcing to roasting, their journey revolves around understanding and sharing the intricate impact of coffee on our minds and society. They explore the complexities of coffee's interactions, forging connections and sparking creativity. This curiosity extends to learning about coffee production challenges supporting communities and families behind each cup. ReAnimator Coffee strives to impart its knowledge to customers, offering exceptional coffee and insight into their beans. This curiosity-driven approach has shaped their journey and fuels their ongoing improvement.

31. Atomic Coffee Roasters

About: Founded by two professional cyclists in 1996, Atomic's journey started with a simple question: "How hard can it be to run a cafe?" This query led them to establish the first Atomic Cafe in Beverly. Their path evolved when they began roasting coffee in the early 2000s, sparked by frustration with coffee suppliers. They transformed this venture into Atomic Coffee Roasters, aiming to enhance coffee experiences beyond their cafes. Over the years, Atomic expanded its offerings, team, and facilities, remaining dedicated to specialty-grade, ethically sourced coffee. Their blends offer consistent delight, while single-origin coffees rotate for freshness. With a commitment to community, relationships, and quality, Atomic's mission is to spread positive energy through coffee.

32. Novo Coffee Roasters

About: Novo Coffee is fueled by the belief that coffee, although familiar, encapsulates a journey from farmers to consumers. Established in 2002 by Jake, Joe, and Herb Brodsky, the company thrives on relationships at every stage. With three cafes and numerous partners, Novo remains true to its mission of uniting great coffee producers and consumers. The focus is on fostering enduring bonds with coffee farmers, enabling consistent sourcing and improved quality. Quality and transparency are paramount; Novo sources the finest global coffees, roasting them on an eco-friendly Loring air-roaster. Regular tasting ensures quality, while seasonal purchasing guarantees freshness. Beyond commodity, Novo seeks perpetual growth, bridging the gap between producers and consumers with the motto "Get Closer."

33. Methodical Coffee Roasters

About: Methodical Coffee's mission is a blend of coffee and connection. Established to bridge the gap between consumers and growers, the company strives to introduce flavors that spark conversations and broaden horizons. The name isn't just a label; it embodies their approach—mindful, deliberate, and rooted in values. Methodical understanding of their influence on the world, choosing to savor every moment, and prioritize respect for customers, partners, and vendors. They embody kindness, optimism, and enjoyment in all they do, from vinyl to coffee. Continual improvement drives them, welcoming fresh perspectives and creative solutions. Collaboration, learning, and the love for coffee and tea define Methodical’s essence.

34. Huck Coffee Roasters

About: Huck Roasters, born in 2011, became a Denver-based coffee dream. Owned by coffee aficionados Koan Goedman and Jason Farrar, the company is driven by the philosophy that businesses should foster community and culture by valuing people. Emerging from Koan's garage, Huck has evolved into a multi-faceted venture with cafes, national and international wholesale partnerships, and a remarkable team. Recognized as HUCK by employees and locals, the company invests in relationships — from producers to communities. As a sustainable roasting partner, Huck focuses on smallholder farms and co-ops. The commitment extends to supporting NGOs and local organizations. Kindness, balance, and a passion for coffee prevail inside the Huck family, resulting in a unique and vibrant coffee journey.

35. Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

About: Founded in 1996 on Irving Place, Irving Farm New York has been a pioneering force in NYC's coffee scene for over two decades. Beginning in Gramercy and expanding to the Upper West Side, founders Steve and David ventured into roasting by transforming an upstate NY carriage house into a roastery. Their dedication to quality saw them awarded "Best Coffee" by New York Magazine in 2002. With meticulous sourcing, they establish sustainable relationships with small producers, ensuring freshly harvested lots. Roasting to order at their 7500 sq/ft Millerton facility, Irving Farm prioritizes freshness and flavor. House blends embody balance and sweetness, while curated single origins showcase seasonal favorites. Through cafes and a commitment to authenticity, Irving Farm thrives as a symbol of New York's finest coffee.

36. Rabbit Hole Roasters

About: Rabbit Hole, a company in the ever-changing coffee industry, embraces constant learning and evolution. Their mission revolves around two key questions: why they deserve a place in the industry and how they can make that presence meaningful. They strive to stay relevant and break barriers when necessary.

As specialty coffee gains popularity, Rabbit Hole differentiates itself by daring to experiment and adopting a bolder, more original approach than typical coffee companies. Their core purpose is to roast delicious and impactful coffee and extend its influence beyond the coffee itself.

The founders, Sophie and David, come from diverse backgrounds but share a common goal of challenging the conventional norms that dictate corporate behavior. Sophie handles day-to-day operations, including production, shipping, pricing, accounting, and customer service, while also contributing her creativity to design and website development. David manages the coffee program, from sourcing to roasting, and takes charge of their social media presence, combining coffee sales with educational content about coffee's history and brewing techniques.

37. Perc Coffee

About: In spring 2010, the journey of this coffee company began, initially with a long name that soon needed abbreviation – PERC. It was a small operation, just the founder, a roaster, and some music playing loudly. They started by selling coffee at farmers' markets and brewing at local events. As the business expanded to include wholesale accounts, the founder's parents joined as the first employees.

To grow further, they partnered with three remarkable individuals: Alan Fischer, Amber Foreman, and Taylor Kimball. This collaboration allowed them to move into a larger production facility with more capabilities, including a cupping lab and training space. They also opened retail shops to connect with the community and established an Atlanta headquarters.

Looking ahead, they have ambitious plans, but their commitment to approachable coffee and sharing great experiences remains unwavering.

38. Cuvée Coffee

About: Cuvée's journey began in 1998 as a craft experiment, and that spirit continues today. They initiated their own direct trade network to secure high-quality coffee consistently. They've honed their craft in their world-class lab in Austin, TX, where they tailor each roast to enhance the unique characteristics of each bean.

Their curiosity led them to pioneer Nitro Cold Brew in a widget-activated Nitro can and build an impressive cold brewery. Cuvée is always exploring and tinkering with new ideas. As for their next significant experiment, it's a mystery for now. They invite you to savor their coffee while they continue to innovate and surprise with their future endeavors.

39. Airship Coffee

About: Airship's journey began as a response to the need for coffee growers they collaborated with. Mark, who was originally pursuing a horticulture master's degree with dreams of starting a blueberry farm in Arkansas, ventured to Central America to support sustainable agriculture projects within coffee-growing communities in Honduras and Guatemala.

During this experience, Mark developed a deep passion for coffee, immersing himself in its entire journey, from cultivation and post-harvest processing to roasting and cupping. His coffee education took root in a cupping lab in Guatemala City, where he learned the intricacies from the country's top cuppers. This exposed him to the diverse flavors of coffee and the subtle nuances influenced by factors like terroir, elevation, and growing regions in Guatemala.

In 2010, alongside his role as an agriculture extension agent at the University of Arkansas, Mark launched Airship's wholesale roasting business, experiencing rapid growth. As the coffee scene evolved with the third-wave cafe trend, they recognized the importance of a customer-facing brand to share their unique story. In 2018, they opened a coffee bar at the roastery, offering not just exceptional coffee but also a welcoming and community-oriented atmosphere, further expanded with the addition of an open-air cafe in the Coler Mountain Bike Preserve. Airship's mission is to foster an authentic community space where people can relax and connect.

40. Portrait Coffee

About: Portrait derives its name from a desire to reshape the perception of specialty coffee. Coffee, originally discovered by Africans, became a globally consumed beverage, yet the origins of its discovery were often forgotten. Their journey into coffee was driven by this history, turning a necessity into an homage to ancestors. They view each cup as an invitation to imbibe purpose and meaning.

As coffee enthusiasts in Atlanta's West End, a neighborhood steeped in black entrepreneurial and cultural history, they aim to foster economic opportunities and representation. Portrait Coffee aspires to be a catalyst for new growth and diverse entrepreneurship in this revitalizing community, inviting everyone to be part of rewriting the narrative.

41. Linea Caffe

About: Linea was founded on a simple mission: to bring joy through sourcing, roasting, and serving the finest coffees worldwide. However, with the escalating global warming and climate crisis, Linea has joined the global movement to safeguard our planet. While Linea has always partnered with progressive organic coffee farmers and environmentally conscious producers and importers, they acknowledge the need for comprehensive change. Every aspect of their operations, from equipment usage to bean shipping, is being reevaluated to minimize harm and maximize positive impact. Linea is actively taking steps to protect our precious Earth.

42. Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters

About: Noble Coyote, a coffee brand, derived its name from its commitment to ethical trade and sustainability. In the coffee industry, a "coyote" represents middlemen who often exploit farmers by purchasing their coffee at low prices and selling it for higher profits. Noble Coyote, in contrast, aligns with "noble coyotes" who support and invest in coffee farmers, working with importers who fairly compensate and uplift them.

Beyond their coffee philosophy, Noble Coyote is deeply involved in community organizations and events, such as Cafe Momentum and Meat Fight, reflecting their dedication to giving back to the community.

Their coffee roasting philosophy combines science and art, with co-owner Kevin's self-taught musical background influencing his unique approach to roasting, emphasizing timing and rhythm.

Founded by Marta and Kevin Sprague in 2011, Noble Coyote fosters a space for people to explore and enjoy coffee. They actively engage with customers and offer an award-winning Brew Better Coffee education series to make home coffee experiences accessible and enjoyable. Visit their coffee lab in Expo Park to savor their coffee offerings.

43. Vivid Coffee Roasters

About: Vivid Coffee Roasters, originally a wholesale coffee roaster, continues to roast in its Winooski location and plans to expand production with a new 12-kilo Probat roaster inside the Burlington cafe. They've prepared for post-COVID-19 coffee shop life with two espresso stations, one featuring a La Marzocco Linea AV and a Mahlkönig Peak grinder, and the other with a Linea Mini and another Mahlkönig Peak for showcasing single-origin espressos.

During the pandemic, Vivid diversified its efforts, including promoting its online store, launching a subscription service, and introducing Snapchill canned coffee. They also supported baristas from their partner cafes during the early months of COVID-19 by donating a portion of online coffee sales to a fund for them. Despite the challenges, they managed to maintain their operations and employee hours

44. Blossom Coffee Roasters

About: Blossom Coffee Roasters is dedicated to perfecting the roasting process for carefully sourced beans, allowing customers to savor distinct coffee flavors from top-notch farms worldwide. Their vintage German Probat UG-15 drum roaster meticulously handles batches of no more than twenty-five pounds to ensure quality.

Blossom's coffee selection prioritizes origin-specific traits, with a focus on light to medium-light roasts that preserve the beans' unique qualities. They are certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture, offering a variety of delicious, organic coffee options.

A committed, small team diligently delivers and ships coffee five days a week, prioritizing freshness to provide customers with the best possible coffee experience.

45. Tony's Coffee

About: Since 1971, Tony's Coffee in Bellingham has been roasting small batches of the finest global beans, starting in their coffeehouse in Fairhaven's Terminal Building. They've always believed that coffee brings people together.

Their annual visits to coffee farms strengthen their appreciation for the craft. They're committed to sourcing quality, sustainable coffee, pioneers in organic, fair trade, and shade-grown coffee.

Their journey includes awards, $1 million in social premiums to fair trade cooperatives, and a focus on sustainability. They've reduced their carbon footprint, aiming for historical carbon neutrality by 2030. In 2020, they were honored as Roast Magazine's 2021 Macro Roaster of the Year.

Tony's Coffee is thankful for its farmer partnerships and loyal customers who support delicious, impactful coffee.

46. Mr. Espresso

About: Carlo Di Ruocco's espresso journey began in Salerno, Italy, where he apprenticed under a coffee-roasting expert, mastering bean selection, blending, and roasting by oak wood fire. Upon moving to San Francisco, he founded Mr. Espresso in 1978, envisioning the introduction of authentic Italian espresso and wood-fire roasting to the United States.

His classically-inspired espresso quickly gained a devoted following, notably among influential figures in California's culinary scene like Alice Waters and Paul Bertolli. This set the stage for espresso to become a part of American dining culture.

Today, Mr. Espresso thrives with the second generation of Di Ruoccos, maintaining Carlo's commitment to quality. They continue the tradition of gently roasting specialty coffee over slow-burning oak wood logs, adapting this Old World practice to modern tastes, and offering a unique espresso experience deeply rooted in tradition.

47. Little Waves Coffee Roasters

About: Little Waves Coffee Roasters is a dedicated and diverse team with a passion for coffee as a shared experience. They believe in making positive impacts through every aspect of coffee, from sourcing to roasting and brewing. With three award-winning Cocoa Cinnamon shops in Durham, NC, they celebrate the wonders of cities, languages, landscapes, and history through their coffee, chocolate, and tea offerings. They aim to connect with their customers on a personal level by integrating personal narratives and naming their products after inspiring people and places.

Sustainability is at the core of their operations, with energy-efficient roasting technology, compostable coffee bags, and repurposing coffee chaff for community gardens. Little Waves Coffee Roasters is the roasting and wholesale arm of Cocoa Cinnamon, a Latina co-owned and women-forward business.

Cocoa Cinnamon's mission is to create a comfortable and engaging setting for people to enjoy carefully crafted drinks and locally made desserts while supporting sustainability, democracy, and artistry. They prioritize diversity in their team and celebrate the uniqueness of each location, making them integral pieces of the whole Cocoa Cinnamon experience. Their goal is to bring wonder to everyday life through their coffee, craft, service, and atmosphere.

48. September Coffee Roasters

About: September is a micro roastery located in Ottawa, Canada, with a deep appreciation for coffee beyond its caffeine content. They view coffee as a product of various elements, including farmers, producers, processing methods, terroir, and variety, all contributing to its quality. Their core mission is to share coffee they love, sourcing beans directly or from ethical importers.

One of September's series, the "Shower Series," focuses on roasting to showcase the hard work of coffee producers, aiming for a balance that allows the coffee's unique qualities to shine. They acknowledge that different people have different preferences, and they offer the "Storm Series" for those who prefer coffees with more development, emphasizing texture, color, and solubility while maintaining a modern and delicate approach.

Co-founders Kyle and Natasha bring their expertise to the venture, with Kyle's extensive experience in the coffee industry and Natasha's specialization in marketing, customer experience, logistics, and design, all in service of their customers' coffee enjoyment.

49. Madcap Coffee

About: Madcap Coffee is committed to providing exceptional coffee and outstanding cafe hospitality. They establish direct relationships with coffee producers globally, carefully selecting and roasting their favorite batches at their Grand Rapids, MI roastery. Founded in 2008, Madcap operates its own roastery and multiple cafes in Michigan. Founder Trevor Corlett, a nationally recognized barista and trainer, has gained acclaim for Madcap's coffees, roasting techniques, and innovative drinks. Their mission is to inspire customers and the coffee community, believing that coffee should uplift spirits and foster community without pretension. They emphasize the importance of making premium coffee accessible to all. Madcap Coffee also focuses on social responsibility, aiming to use coffee as a force for good from seed to cup.

50. City of Saints Coffee

About: Established in 2014, City of Saints is a coffee roasting company based in Brooklyn, NY, with retail cafes scattered across diverse locations in New York and New Jersey. Their primary source of pride lies in their coffee, detailed on their Sourcing page. However, what truly ignites their passion is the objective of building cafes and coffee collaborations that pay tribute to the unique communities they are a part of.

With over three decades of expertise in coffee procurement and coffee shop management, City of Saints brings in-depth market knowledge and practical experience to the table. Their approach involves tailoring their coffee program entirely to align with your specific vision and needs, reflecting their commitment to creating coffee experiences that resonate with and celebrate the essence of each community they serve.

51. Boxcar Coffee Roasters

About: In 2010, the inception of Boxcar occurred through the joint efforts of a married couple, Vajra and Cara Rich. Their shared objective was to establish a top-tier roasting company within their hometown of Boulder, Colorado. Initially, they embarked on their journey as a standalone roastery, gradually garnering a dedicated following by collaborating with exceptional local eateries and coffee shops. Subsequently, they took a significant step by inaugurating their very first cafe on the tranquil east end of Pearl St. in downtown Boulder. This cafe served as a platform to present their coffees in a progressive and innovative manner.

Since its inception, Boxcar has blossomed into a team comprising 25 skilled coffee enthusiasts. Their establishment encompasses a bustling cafe, bakery, and a specialized roastery and training laboratory. This multifaceted approach enables them to cater to numerous wholesale clients across the nation.

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