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India | Gems of Araku | Natural

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  • Flavor Profile

    Big Fruit Bowl

  • Process

    Natural, Anaerobic

  • Cupping Score


  • Origin

    Gondivalasa, Araku, India

  • Drying Time

    7 Days

  • Altitude

    1,027 - 1,260

Gems of Araku, India

About The Coffee

Nano lot 349 was created by 1 village across 7 different farms/producers. Killo Palsu and family were the main contributors to the lot and have been producing coffee for more than a decade. Since then, their diligent efforts have been nourishing the farm’s soil - garnering abundant organic matter and nutrients from a variety of indigenous forest and fruit trees. With a deep commitment to regenerative agriculture practices, the farmer family has nurtured a farm that is not only productive but also sustainable for years to come.

"Not only has the yield quantity increased but our farm is now home to earthworms, spiders, and bees. A thriving biodiversity is always a good sign for a farmer." says Killo Palsu.

Producers contributing to lot 349

Village: Gondivalasa

7 farmers from 1 village contributed to the making of NANO349

  1. Killo Palsu
  2. Burdi Krishna Rao
  3. Gemmela Nandu
  4. Buridi Ganapathi
  5. Gemmela Rajarao
  6. Gemmela Ranju
  7. Buridi Arjun

Why Gems of Araku

The Araku Cooperative through the Naandi Foundation assists growers with a model they call "Arakunomics." This visionary model aims to transform India's broken food system, ensuring affordable, nutritious, and environmentally friendly food for all. Through decentralized farming, policy influence, fair practices, and sustainability, the Arakunomics Vision sets the stage for a brighter future. The Naandi Foundation leads this initiative, empowering smallholder farmers and championing the cause of good food, fair profits, and environmental protection.

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Araku, India Coffee FAQ

What makes Gems of Araku Coffee so special?

Every year, farmers diligently cultivate the highest quality shade-grown Arabica coffee on their small parcels of land. These single-origin coffee farms embrace chemical-free and regenerative agricultural practices, fostering a harmonious coexistence with nature. Through close collaboration with in-house experts and global specialists, farmers have enhanced their traditional knowledge and steadily enhanced the bean's quality.

Araku, India: The land of specialty coffee

The Araku region in Southern India, situated in the Eastern Ghats at an altitude of 3000-4500 ft, has a rich ancestral heritage and has been inhabited by indigenous tribes for centuries. In the early 1920s, coffee was introduced to the area by the British. However, the region faced significant challenges such as loss of biodiversity, low literacy rates, high mortality rates, and social unrest.

In the early 2000s, the Naandi Foundation, a renowned nonprofit organization, stepped in to make a positive impact. Through two decades of engagement with tribal farmers, the foundation has transformed the lives of 300,000 farmers across 1460 villages. They have implemented practices like creating biodiverse farms, combating climate change, and establishing sustainable pathways for long-term profits.

Araku now boasts one of the world's largest certified organic, fairtrade, 100% Arabica coffee plantations. In addition to coffee cultivation, the farmers have planted over 33 million trees of various species. Today, Araku has overcome both ecological and financial poverty, marking a remarkable journey of transformation.

What is the Gems of Araku event?

Naandi, the organizing entity, presents the annual Gems of Araku harvest festival, a celebration of the exceptional microlots of specialty coffee produced in Araku. With more than 1800 microlots evaluated each season by expert cuppers using strict protocols, the event unites international jurors and farming experts to elevate coffee quality.

Since 2009, these collaborations have empowered Araku farmers to enhance their individual coffee terroirs, improve soil health, and regenerate the coffee landscape. The results are evident in the cup, with top microlots receiving ratings as high as 94 out of 100 from professional cuppers.

Led by Sherri Johns, former Cup of Excellence Head Judge and mentor for Araku Coffee, the 15th edition of Gems of Araku continues its pursuit of excellence in showcasing the remarkable flavors and dedication of Araku's farmers.

Where can we see the Gems of Araku auction results?

2023 results:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the roast date printed?

Yes, our roast date is printed on the bottom of each bag.

Is the coffee roasted to order?

Yes, we currently roast all orders twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday).

Is coffee seasonal like produce?

Just like produce, coffee can have multiple seasons and harvests depending on the country of origin. We source all our raw materials during the current and optimal season.

Where do you currently source your coffee from?

Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Sumatra, Honduras, Nicaragua