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Puno Peru

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Taste Notes: Blood orange, Rosewater, Honey

Limited Edition 12oz bag (150 bags available)

Roast Dates:

  1. 5/27/23
  2. 6/17/23
  • Flavor Profile

    Blood Orange, Rose Water, Honey

  • Process


  • Preparation

    15 - 20 hours of fermentation

  • Origin

    Puno, Sandia Valley, Peru

  • Varietal


  • Altitude

    1600-1800 MASL

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About Puno, Peru

Puno coffees are prized as some of the rarest, most desirable, and challenging-to-obtain coffees worldwide. These exceptional coffees are grown in remote and inaccessible regions and boast a remarkable quality characterized by incredible floral notes and a beautiful sweetness that is exclusive to the area.

The Sandia Valley is home to several smaller valleys, each of which is home to unique communities of smallholder farmers who produce coffee on just 2.5 hectares of land. Thanks to a replanting project led by the United Nations in the 1980s, much of the Sandia Valley now cultivates Bourbon-variety coffee.

About the Coffee

This coffee offers a delightful, floral, honeyed, and dynamically citric character, or a rich, full-bodied, and lovely malic red apple or pear aspect. These unique Puno coffees stand out from other coffees produced in Peru and offer a taste to satisfy every palate.

Process: Washed

Fermentation: 15 - 20 hours

Drying: 8 - 12 days on rasied beds under parabolic cover

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the roast date printed?

Yes, our roast date is printed on the bottom of each bag.

Is the coffee roasted to order?

Yes, we currently roast all orders twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday).

Is coffee seasonal like produce?

Just like produce, coffee can have multiple seasons and harvests depending on the country of origin. We source all our raw materials during the current and optimal season.

Where do you currently source your coffee from?

Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Sumatra, Honduras, Nicaragua