Our Freshness, Quality, and Consistency Guarantee

We put a freshness, quality, and consistency guarantee into every bag of our coffee but what does that mean for our customers?

  • Freshness

    We roast in small batches to ensure everything we send to our customers was recently roasted. We also source our raw materials during the current and optimal season and are sent in GrainPro bags to keep the green beans completely sealed so that no odors, mold, or moisture can seep into the beans on their journey.

  • Quality

    We are focused on quality first, which is why our blends feature coffees that score in the range of 86 – 88+pts. That is truthfully unheard of when it comes to blends, as most coffee companies use lower-grade coffees to lower costs but still charge specialty prices.

  • Consistency

    Consistency to us is the culmination of our entire coffee program. We strive to be consistent with our flavor profiles, which stem from stringent sourcing, rigorous quality control, and steady/repeatable roasting.

Quality Through Small Batch Roasting

Small-batch roasting simply means that we do not fully maximize the capacity of our roaster on every batch. For example, our current roaster is a 15kg machine that can hold a capacity of 33lbs per batch. Our largest batch sizes do not go beyond 26.4lbs. The smaller batch sizes grant us extreme consistency and control over the roaster. The added control allows us to manipulate the coffee to extract the maximum flavor potential from all our green coffee. The flavor development and control is highly important to us as it allows us to roast a touch lighter which gives us the ability to highlight the coffee's true flavor profile. You will not find any overroasted coffee from us, just smooth and never bitter deliciousness!

  • Carbon Neutral Operations

    Everything we make, buy and sell, leaves a carbon trail that we are responsible for reducing. Our first step of action is to offset our prior years' operation and then set ourselves on a path for naturally reducing our emissions through thoughtful business choices.

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  • Freshness and Quality

    We put a freshness, quality, and consistency guarantee into every bag of our coffee. For freshness, we source our raw materials during the current and optimal season. All of our blends and single origins are of the highest quality ranging from 86 – 89pt+. Finally, consistency comes down to roasting in small controlled batches for the perfect flavor profile.

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  • World Coffee Research

    Coffee plants are at risk due to drastic climate changes, among many other factors. This is why we teamed up with World Coffee Research's effort to improve the crop's sustainability and the farmers' livelihood who grow it. The most efficient way to solve these issues for both businesses and farmers is through collaborative scientific research and development.

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  • Hermetically Sealed Bags

    All our coffees are sourced in GrainPro bags due to the quality of life benefits received by smallholder farmers, such as a 20 – 70% increase in revenue to standard market value. GrainPro products help reduce food losses and improve food quality by protecting agriculture commodities against insect infestation, mold growth, oxidation, and rancidity.

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  • Donations at Checkout

    To further support the causes we love, we implemented an "add a donation" option at checkout. Right now, we are supporting One Tree Planted who aids in revitalizing forests in coffee-growing regions and Grounds for Health who's mission is to prevent cervical cancer in coffee communities.

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  • Our Future Goals and Story

    From the start and throughout this entire journey, we knew the cornerstone of our coffee program would be sustainability, quality, consistency, and freshness. As we continue to grow, we will build stronger ties with local communities and strengthen the economies and the ecosystems of the countries that our products originate.

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