Why go Neutral?

Everything we make, buy, and sell, leaves a carbon trail that we are responsible for reducing. The carbon emissions produced through our operation must decrease steeply to halt climate change. Our first step of action is to offset our prior years' emissions and then set ourselves on a path for naturally reducing our emissions through thoughtful business choices. By creating a carbon reduction plan, we hope that our efforts help the environment and inspire other small businesses to act too.

How We Keep Our Emissions Low

Maximizing Efficiency

We roast out of a cooperative, which allows us to rent the time needed for the week and nothing more. We maximize our time by bulking our sessions into two days versus roasting seven days a week. By bulking our sessions into two days, we can maximize the roaster's capacity and reduce the need for sessions multiple days a week.

Smaller Footprint

While we have offset our past emissions, we are also making tactful shipping choices. To combat the massive influx of online shopping, we bulk our shipments to only two days a week to lower our carbon footprint. We are also working towards drastically reducing our emissions in our day-to-day operations.

  • Thoughtful Purchasing

    Air pollution is one of the most critical environmental threats posed by air transportation. To minimize air pollution, we use ground shipping for all our raw goods or green coffee purchases. We spend time planning and trying to order coffees stored closest to us on the East Coast of the United States of America.

  • Sourcing Travel

    We work with several green coffee importers across the globe. The maturity of the coffee industry has allowed these importers to build a bridge for small businesses like us to directly work with farms of interest without having to travel there. With the trust and relationships built, buying remote reduces our carbon impact.

  • Sustainable Packaging

    Although our bags have come a long way, there is always room for improvement. We are currently redesigning our packaging and shipping materials to reduce the amount of materials used overall. Our goal is to create sustainable and compostable bags. We are also working towards all products on Amazon being Compact by Design.

  • Customer Shipping

    In addition to shifting to sustainable shipping materials, we are also looking into alternative ways to ship our customers "priority" packages that live on the West Coast. Unfortunately, we currently rely on air shipping but are looking into alternative and affordable options moving forward.

  • Remote Operation

    We are grateful to have the resources and opportunity to purchase sampling equipment for our small business. Being able to operate on a small scale remotely removes the daily traveling to the roasting facility and removes a small yet impactful carbon footprint.

  • Carbon Neutral Operations

    Everything we make, buy and sell, leaves a carbon trail that we are responsible for reducing. Our first step of action is to offset our prior years' operation and then set ourselves on a path for naturally reducing our emissions through thoughtful business choices.

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  • Freshness and Quality

    We put a freshness, quality, and consistency guarantee into every bag of our coffee. For freshness, we source our raw materials during the current and optimal season. All of our blends and single origins are of the highest quality ranging from 86 – 89pt+. Finally, consistency comes down to roasting in small controlled batches for the perfect flavor profile.

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  • World Coffee Research

    Coffee plants are at risk due to drastic climate changes, among many other factors. This is why we teamed up with World Coffee Research's effort to improve the crop's sustainability and the farmers' livelihood who grow it. The most efficient way to solve these issues for both businesses and farmers is through collaborative scientific research and development.

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  • Hermetically Sealed Bags

    All our coffees are sourced in GrainPro bags due to the quality of life benefits received by smallholder farmers, such as a 20 – 70% increase in revenue to standard market value. GrainPro products help reduce food losses and improve food quality by protecting agriculture commodities against insect infestation, mold growth, oxidation, and rancidity.

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  • Donations at Checkout

    To further support the causes we love, we implemented an "add a donation" option at checkout. Right now, we are supporting One Tree Planted who aids in revitalizing forests in coffee-growing regions and Grounds for Health who's mission is to prevent cervical cancer in coffee communities.

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  • Our Future Goals and Story

    From the start and throughout this entire journey, we knew the cornerstone of our coffee program would be sustainability, quality, consistency, and freshness. As we continue to grow, we will build stronger ties with local communities and strengthen the economies and the ecosystems of the countries that our products originate.

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