Coffee Is At Risk

The livelihoods of coffee farmers are urgently threatened by, Climate Change, Low Yields, Disease & Pests, and Barriers to Quality. This is why we partnered with World Coffee Research's "Check-Off Program" to contribute funds to their research for every lb of green coffee we purchase. World Coffee Research looks to solve the issues farmers are facing through collaborative, scientific research, and development.

Where Their Research Begins

"The coffee plant is the most important technology in the coffee supply chain—the basis for coffee quality and productivity."

Cutting Edge Knowledge: World Coffee Research invests heavily in coffee genetics and chemistry to help solve coffee's biggest concern, climate change. World Coffee Research looks to understand the plant's ability to tolerate drought or certain diseases which helps them lay the groundwork for other research.

Farmer Technology: World Coffee Research provides farmers with information concerning technologies that will help increase profits and ensure healthy/genetically pure plants.

Create New Technologies: Through the knowledge of coffee genetics, World Coffee Research is creating the next generations of coffee varieties that are more resistant to climate change and disease.

  • Safeguarding Coffee Genetic Resources

    "World Coffee Research reviewed the world’s coffee germplasm collections—stored in field genebanks and in native forests around the world—and assessed the challenges that coffee and its genetic resources face, including an assessment of the significant gaps in collections and their links to in situ conservation."

  • Breeding for Coffee Quality

    "World Coffee Research is undertaking multiple studies that examine flavor volatiles and their chemical precursors in coffee, seeking to understand the determinants of key sensory/quality attributes in order to improve coffee quality through breeding."

  • Sustainable Income through Coffee Farming Improvement

    "The use of new rust-resistant varieties, accompanied by education on farming economics and coffee mill wastewater management, should represent an economical, effective and sustainable approach to revitalize family coffee farms and associated community livelihoods in Yepocapa.."

  • Carbon Neutral Operations

    Everything we make, buy and sell, leaves a carbon trail that we are responsible for reducing. Our first step of action is to offset our prior years' operation and then set ourselves on a path for naturally reducing our emissions through thoughtful business choices.

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  • Freshness and Quality

    We put a freshness, quality, and consistency guarantee into every bag of our coffee. For freshness, we source our raw materials during the current and optimal season. All of our blends and single origins are of the highest quality ranging from 86 – 89pt+. Finally, consistency comes down to roasting in small controlled batches for the perfect flavor profile.

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  • World Coffee Research

    Coffee plants are at risk due to drastic climate changes, among many other factors. This is why we teamed up with World Coffee Research's effort to improve the crop's sustainability and the farmers' livelihood who grow it. The most efficient way to solve these issues for both businesses and farmers is through collaborative scientific research and development.

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  • Hermetically Sealed Bags

    All our coffees are sourced in GrainPro bags due to the quality of life benefits received by smallholder farmers, such as a 20 – 70% increase in revenue to standard market value. GrainPro products help reduce food losses and improve food quality by protecting agriculture commodities against insect infestation, mold growth, oxidation, and rancidity.

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  • Donations at Checkout

    To further support the causes we love, we implemented an "add a donation" option at checkout. Right now, we are supporting One Tree Planted who aids in revitalizing forests in coffee-growing regions and Grounds for Health who's mission is to prevent cervical cancer in coffee communities.

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  • Our Future Goals and Story

    From the start and throughout this entire journey, we knew the cornerstone of our coffee program would be sustainability, quality, consistency, and freshness. As we continue to grow, we will build stronger ties with local communities and strengthen the economies and the ecosystems of the countries that our products originate.

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