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Coffee Bros.

Coffee Blossom Honey | Jorge Mendez | El Apiario

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a subtle sweetness with delicate lavender notes


This is the farm where Coffee Blossom Honey first discovered that coffee farms also produce other deliciously pure products. The team at Coffee Blossom Honey heard about Jorge Mendez and his exquisite coffee farm from Edwin's father so they decided to hike their way up.

After cupping Jorge's beautifully clean, complex coffee - he asked if we would like to try his honey. We inquisitively said "yes" and were amazed to indulge in the clean nectar.  

Each honey we source is a distinct expression of terroir, telling stories of the coffee-producing family cultivating the land, their resilience, and their expertise.

  • Flavor Profile

    a subtle sweetness with delicate lavender notes

  • Origin


  • Producer

    Jorge Mendez

About Coffee Blossom Honey

Honey provides an additional source of revenue for many who depend on a volatile market and cyclical yields of an agricultural product such as coffee.

Part of the mission of Coffee Blossom Honey is to support small producers in efforts to provide long term economic sustainability.

Producing honey not only provides an additional source of revenue but it has the added value of increasing cross pollination boosting coffee production and consistency! Having an additional product that can be sold or traded locally as well as exported creates more options for a small coffee producer allowing them to become more independent and have a bright future.

Delicious With Coffee

Our favorite way of consuming coffee blossom honey is steaming it with milk and adding it to an espresso-based drink.

1) Pull a 1.25oz shot of Coffee Bros. Espresso

2) Steam milk with two tbs of Coffee Blossom Honey (add
it to the milk before steaming)

3) Mix and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the roast date printed?

Yes, our roast date is printed on the bottom of each bag.

Is the coffee roasted to order?

Yes, we currently roast all orders twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday).

Is coffee seasonal like produce?

Just like produce, coffee can have multiple seasons and harvests depending on the country of origin. We source all our raw materials during the current and optimal season.

Where do you currently source your coffee from?

Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Sumatra, Honduras, Nicaragua