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Coffee Bros.

Coffee Bros. x Regalia Collective Logo Tee

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Join us as we look to raise funds for our collective that caught fire on 4/25/22. With a special edition Coffee Bros. / Regalia Collective t-shirt. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Regalia's GoFundMe page.

Regalia, our shared roasting space, needs our help after a recent fire.

Regalia Collective's mission is to provide opportunities for individuals and businesses to learn how to roast and grow in a space that is open to all.

Here is our Regalia story:

In 2018, as newcomers to the coffee industry, we were lucky enough to have stumbled right into Regalia's welcoming arms. Regalia, its roasters that make up the collective, and resources were crucial to our early success.

Regalia provided us and others experiences like "Green Coffee Forums," where they bring in experts or hold cuppings from green coffee importers that we may not have had access to. Regalia's educational events helped us gain quick knowledge in a very complex industry.

Regalia's expertise, support, breadth, depth of knowledge, and overall genuineness have allowed us to grow as roasters and uphold our mission to fresh, quality, and consistent coffee.

We cannot thank Regalia enough.