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Tanzania | Acacia Hills | Kent Natural

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Roast & Flavor Profile


Level: Medium | Agtron: # 62 - 69


Profile: Balanced

Coffee Details

Taste Notes: Rich Chocolate, Pomegranate

Process: Natural

Relationship: 1 year: This is our first coffee purchased from Acascia Hills

Roast Profile: Medium

Origin: Karatum Oldeani, Tanzania

Producer: Acacia Hills, Leon Christianakis

Varietal: Kent

Altitude: 1750 - 1950 masl

Roast and Order Days

Next Roast Dates: (all coffee sent will be within five days of roast date)

  • Roasts weekly every Saturday (only 210 bags available)

Orders: All orders placed will be shipped the next day (excluding Sunday) if there is inventory; otherwise, your order will go out on our next roast day each Saturday.

  • Flavor Profile

    Rich chocolate, Pomegranate

  • Process


  • Roast Level


  • Origin

    Karatum Oldeani, Tanzania

  • Varietal


  • Altitude

    1750 - 1950 masl

About The Coffee

At Coffee Bros. we have a soft spot for naturally processed coffees and when coming across a natural from Tanzania, we couldn’t hold back!

Tanzania is not known for much of anything else outside of Fully Washed Kent coffees and we have certainly had our fair share of those type of coffees in the past. In recent years though, we have had trouble finding coffees that aligned with our stricter sourcing requirements and stopped sourcing coffee from Tanzania in 2022.

More recently, we discovered Acacia Hills through our partner Typica and were extremely excited to learn.

Acacia Hills is unlike many others in the region as they have repurposed the older Kent fields and have been planting other varietals such as SL-28 (often found in Kenya), Pacamara, and Geisha (one of the more sought-after varietals) as well as experimenting with processing methods and techniques.

The Kent Natural from Acacia farms will be roasted medium to highlight its big, bold, yet super clean and articulate red fruit notes. This one is right up our alley and if you have enjoyed other naturally processed coffees from us, you’ll certainly love this one!

About Kent Varietal

Kent was introduced to Tanzania and other parts of East Africa during the 1920s through an intensive selection program at the Lyamungu Research Station in Tanzania, which aimed to improve coffee quality and production. KP423 was later released in Tanzania in the 1940s and eventually made its way to Uganda, where it became an important variety in Arabica-growing regions. Kent is believed to have descended from the initial Bourbon seeds that were taken from Yemen to India by Baba Budan in 1670. The various Kent-derived varieties can be traced back to a selection made by Mr. L.P. Kent in 1911 from a single tree growing on his Doddengooda Estate in Mysore, southwestern India. Kent has been extensively cultivated in India since the 1930s. It was the first coffee variety selected for its resistance to rust, although this resistance has since diminished.

*Reference: World Coffee Research

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the roast date printed?

Yes, our roast date is printed on the bottom of each bag.

Is the coffee roasted to order?

Yes, we currently roast all orders twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday).

Is coffee seasonal like produce?

Just like produce, coffee can have multiple seasons and harvests depending on the country of origin. We source all our raw materials during the current and optimal season.

Where do you currently source your coffee from?

Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Sumatra, Honduras, Nicaragua