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WDT: Espresso Distribution Tool

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  • Endless Iterations

    With 25 evenly spaced holes, this WDT tool allows you to create the best variation for your espresso puck preparation.

  • Forever Materials

    Silicone rubber handle is close to indestructible and can tolerate any regiment of dish-washing and bar service. The needles are 501 grade stainless steel for flexibility and corrosion resistance.

  • 30 Needles

    The unit comes with 30 501 grade stainless steel needles in case you bend or drop the comb. With spares, you’re seconds away from an easy replacement.

Custom WDT Iterations

Use any of the 25 holes in the silicone rubber base to create the perfect WDT format for your espresso preperation needs.

A closely packed hexagon or a straight rake both achieve different results. We designed the Comb to suit your style of WDT.

WDT Needles

Most WDT tools come with stock standard acupuncture needles which are super sharp. The Barista Hustle needles are rounded. No more finger pricks or basket scratches.

Evenly Spaced Needles

Too thick and you leave deep trails in the grinds. Too thin and you don’t get any distribution done. 0.35mm is our choice for the best compromise. And if you’re finding the Comb is still not quite right for your grinds, you can adjust the width between the needles thanks to the 25 pockets.

WDT Tool Questions

What is a WDT Tool?

A WDT, or the Weiss Distribution Technique, is one of the longest-standing espresso distribution methods that helps improve espresso extraction through the even distribution and removal of any clumps in your coffee grounds.

Why use a WDT Tool?

A WDT tool can help overcome many shortcomings of home-brewing espresso grinders that may leave clumps in your ground coffee. Breaking up these clumps and evenly distributing your coffee grounds will give you a more even extraction and a sweeter cup of espresso.