Costa Rican Coffee

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Cocoa, toffee, lemon, sweet, and clean

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Taste Notes
Cocoa, toffee, lemon, sweet, and clean
Roast Profile
Medium Roast Coffee
Sabanilla de Alajuela, Central Valley
100% Arabica Coffee (Caturra, Catuai)
1,300 - 1,600 masl

MICROLOT COFFEE: Our Single Origin Microlot Coffees are sourced from high-end limited-edition lots and are traceable down to an individual producer

ARABICA COFFEE: Our Single Origin Coffees are made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. Arabica Coffee has twice the flavor and a better aroma than its counterpart (Robusta).

FLAVOR FIRSTWe source all our coffee to achieve specific taste notes. Our Costa Rican Microlot tastes of Cocoa, Toffee, Lemon, with a Sweet and Clean body.

ALWAYS FRESHThe coffee you’re enjoying right now, was only recently harvested from our favorite coffee farms. 


This exquisite microlot is a father-son project that produces meticulous coffees in what seems like “simple” conditions, but with incredible care and attention to detail. Though the micromill was established in 2011, The father and son duo have both been in coffee their whole lives and it shows.

These coffee beans shine with cocoa and fruity undertones due to its natural processing methods (Naturals go straight from the tree to the drying beds which gives it a unique taste).

Costa Rica contributes to less than 1% of the world’s coffee production, yet it has a strong reputation for producing great coffee.

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