2024 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers and Espresso too!

2024 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers and Espresso too!


Thousands of coffee gifts and tools are on the market, and even more, folks recommend what to buy each year. We wanted to write this article from the perspective of a coffee professional, roaster, and consumer on the best coffee and espresso gifts to buy for all the coffee lovers in your life!

First, we would love to introduce ourselves. We are Coffee Bros., a specialty coffee roaster based in NYC, founded in 2019. We pride ourselves on what we deem as the four pillars of running a coffee company: sustainability, quality, consistency, and freshness. You can read more about our company and mission here.

As coffee roasters, we are constantly sampling coffees for our business, trying different coffee machines and tools, and have used almost everything on the market! As roasters, we sample and cup thousands of coffees a year between what is sent to us from our partners and through the quality control of our coffee. We also love to see what else is on the market and explore what amazing things other coffee and equipment companies are up to.

In this blog, you will find our favorite coffees, espresso tools and equipment for all the special coffee lovers in your life. Many of the things on this list we offer on our site, and things that are not on our site, we do not earn a commission on and genuinely believe that they are fantastic products; this is not another phony listicle written by the latest and greatest AI software.

Here are our favorite coffee and espresso gifts for coffee lovers

Best acessories and brewing equipment: Coffee makers and accessories

  1. Hario V60 Pour Over Device ($10.50)
  2. Hario Cold Brew Bottle ($31.49)
  3. Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System ($49.00)
  4. WDT tool for espresso ($29.99)
  5. Professional espresso tamper ($50.00)
  6. VST Espresso Basket ($35.00)
  7. Coffee Blossom Honey ($16.00)
  8. Hither Lane Glass French Press (88.00)

Gifts for espresso lovers: Espresso machines, grinders, and accessories

  1. Jibbijug Milk Pitcher ($150.00)
  2. Baratza Encore ESP ($199.99)
  3. Breville Bambino Plus ($499.95)
  4. Eureka Mignon Specialita Espresso Grinder ($649.00)
  5. Flair 58 Manual Espresso Machine ($575.00)
  6. Rocket Espresso Giotto Type V Espresso Machine ($2,350)

The best coffee bean gifts: Specialty coffee beans

  1. Coffee Bros. Holiday Blend Coffee ($22.99)
  2. Coffee Bros. Espresso Roast Coffee ($17.99)
  3. Coffee Bros. Light Roast Coffee ($17.99)
  4. Coffee Bros. Costa Rican Coffee ($24.99)
  5. Coffee Bros. Cold Brew Coffee ($16.99)
  6. Coffee Bros. Ethiopian Coffee ($22.99)

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Our Top Coffee Brewing Equipment and Accessory Gifts

If you are on a budget and still need the perfect holiday gift for coffee lovers, look no further than the list below. We included some of our favorite brewers, espresso machine accessories, and arguably the best honey we have ever tasted. Enjoy these budget-friendly coffee gifts!

Hario V60 Pour Over Device ($10.50)

About: The Hario V60 is a famous cone-shaped pour-over coffee maker known for producing a consistently great cup of coffee. Its unique shape allows for even flavor extraction, as the water flows through the center of the cone and stays in contact with the coffee grounds for a more extended period. This manual brewing method is highly popular among coffee enthusiasts and is widely recognized as a go-to choice for pour-over coffee. The V60 dripper has been a staple in the coffee industry for over a decade and is widely used in home and café settings. With a wealth of tips, recipes, and support available, you can trust that you can achieve a delicious cup of coffee with the Hario V60.

Why we chose this: While it is recommended that your coffee-loving friend has a good grinder, a gooseneck kettle, and good coffee beans to go along with this device, at $10.50, you cannot beat this brewer. We use this brewer exclusively for personal and professional use and have brewed world-class coffees. Don’t let the price fool you; if you want the best-tasting coffee filter coffee, choose the Hario V60.

Hario Cold Brew Bottle ($31.49)

About: Elevate your iced coffee game with Hario's all-in-one system from Japan. The best part? The ultrafine filter guarantees a crystal-clear cold brew every time. Plus, the filter is easily removable, transforming the bottle into a stunning carafe for any beverage. Enjoy the convenience and versatility of this remarkable cold brew system and elevate your coffee experience to new heights.

Why we chose this: It’s a simple, fast, and efficient way to brew a reasonable amount of cold brew, and you don’t have to deal with any messy filters or must brew larger amounts of coffee. Again, we use this both personally and professionally, and for us, it is a great way to test our coffee as cold brew in small batches and fits neatly and conveniently in the refrigerator. The bottle is well-built, looks beautiful, and is a great way to brew delicious cold-brew coffee; that’s all you could ask for!

Toddy Cold Brew System ($49.00)

About: The Toddy® Cold Brew System is a non-electrical coffee maker that creates a smooth, rich liquid concentrate, resulting in unparalleled cold brew at home. By employing a simple cold water filtration process that values time over heat, Toddy extracts the true and delicious flavor of the coffee bean while minimizing undesirable acidity.

The concentrate brewed with the Toddy Cold Brew System is an excellent base for delightful iced and blended frozen drinks. This versatile, BPA-free system can also cold brew artisanal tea.

Why we chose this: The Toddy Cold Brew System is the perfect tool if you are looking to brew an entire 12-ounce or 1-lb bag of coffee. We love that you can easily make 36-38 ounces of cold brew concentrate which can give you upward of 80 ounces of cold brew coffee to drink throughout the week (that’s a lot!).

We love how simple the Toddy system is; it is a breeze to clean when using paper filters. The glass decanter with the system is a nice touch and the perfect size to store your cold brew concentrate.

WDT tool for espresso ($29.99)

About: The espresso-loving individual in your life would thank dearly if gifted a WDT tool from Barista Hustle.

A WDT, or the Weiss Distribution Technique, is one of the longest-standing espresso distribution methods that helps improve espresso extraction through the even distribution and removal of clumps in your coffee grounds.

For those in the know, a WDT tool is necessary for your espresso arsenal to combat channeling and espresso that brews inconsistently.

Why we chose this:

Many WDT tools are on the market but none like “The Comb” from Barista Hustle. What makes The Comb different in the endless iterations due to its 25 evenly spaced holes which allow the barista to choose the arrangement that works best for them.

The tool is also thoughtfully designed using forever materials like a silicone rubber handle and 501-grade stainless steel needles.

Again, this is another tool we use personally, and it can also work great in a professional café setting.

Professional espresso tamper ($50.00)

About: Here is another fantastic holiday gift for the espresso-brewing individual in your life.

The Barista Hustle signature tamper is explicitly designed for bar work and offers a lightweight yet well-balanced design that ensures durability. Inevitable drops and dings are accounted for with an inexpensive base and easy to replace. The tamper body, crafted from black anodized aluminum, features a slim and smooth profile that is comfortable to hold, with just the right amount of texture to provide a secure grip even with wet hands.

Why we chose this: Most reasonably priced home espresso machines need more accessories to home in on the perfect espresso shot. This suggestion and the next are necessary upgrades to any home espresso brewing setup.

We started our espresso brewing journey with a Breville espresso machine. While the machine was great, the accessories that came with the machine were, at best subpar, including the standard Breville tamper. With most machines, the tamper has little weight, is often mostly plastic, and only sometimes covers the radius needed for the perfect tamp.

A poorly tamped espresso puck screams trouble when you lock your portafilter in and start brewing. The tamper from Barista Hustle has a nice weight (but not too heavy) and hugs the basket, ensuring the grounds are evenly compressed. This tamper works beautifully at home and is the perfect tool to incorporate at a café space if you are a professional barista.

VST Espresso Basket ($35.00)

About: The VST Precision Insert Basket offers an unparalleled espresso-filtering experience, permanently delivering consistent extractions. Designed to work with various bottomless portafilters, it ensures proper extraction and reduced sediment for the ultimate cup of coffee.
Using a cutting-edge micro-machine and finishing process, each hole on the VST basket is meticulously measured to precise limits, ensuring uniformity and accuracy. The hole pattern is centered for uniform extraction throughout the puck, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Why we chose this: A VST Precision Basket is the first suggested upgrade, we give our espresso brewing customers. Most espresso recipes (and the ones we enjoy) call for 18 – 20 grams of espresso. Unfortunately, many double-sized baskets with home espresso machines can only handle 14 – 16 grams of espresso. The larger-sized basket will allow you to craft the perfect double-shot espresso, and the added espresso grounds help craft even better, more robust milk-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

Coffee Blossom Honey ($16.00)

About: Guatemalan farmers depend on their coffee harvest to support their families throughout the year. To aid in coffee growth, they have found bees to be a crucial component, as they facilitate the setting of buds and promote the blossoming of coffee trees. Each blossom is essential, as it eventually transforms into a coffee cherry. Farmers strategically place beehives within their coffee plantations, ensuring the bees have continuous access to the precious nectar of the coffee blossoms.

Given the remote and steep terrain, these resourceful farmers use mobile extraction processes to harvest the honey from the hives. This approach allows them to effectively utilize the bee's contribution to coffee production while adapting to the challenging landscape.

Why we chose this: This isn't your run-of-the-mill supermarket honey; this is Coffee Blossom Honey from Guatemala.

What makes coffee blossom honey so unique is its unbelievable taste but its impact on sustainability and the ability of the bees to assist the coffee trees in blossom.

The use of bees in coffee growing has been a crucial step in helping the buds set and allowing the coffee tree to blossom.

Coffee farmers also sell delicious honey to sustain a steady income during the off-season of coffee harvesting.

We have been huge fans of Coffee Blossom Honey for its flavor for many years and have been adding honey to milk, frothing it, to make an insanely delicious latte or cortado. This is one of the best gifts for coffee lovers and a simple one that you can toss into a stocking, just don't drop it!

Hither Lane Glass French Press ($88.00)

About: A modern take on the traditional French press, this compact version crafts a flawless, full-bodied pot of coffee or tea. Crafted from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, it combines durability with an elegantly subtle look. With a capacity to brew 3.5 cups, it's the perfect companion for your brewing needs.

Why we chose this: The Hither Lane glass French press exudes sheer beauty, crafted from borosilicate glass featuring an enchanting amber tint. If you seek to escape the ordinary and elevate your French press experience, the Hither Lane glass French Press is guaranteed to captivate and impress, standing out as a true eye-catching masterpiece.

Our Top Espresso Machine and Equipment Gifts

For those espresso lovers in your life, here are the machines, grinders, and accessories we recommend for the perfect holiday gift. If you are looking to upgrade your espresso-loving gift receiver, we wrote two fantastic articles on the best espresso machines and best espresso grinders for every price point and skill level. Give that article a once over as it perfectly details all the best espresso equipment one might want to purchase.

Jibbijug Milk Frothing Pitcher ($150.00)

About: Favored by coffee professionals worldwide, the Jibbijug is a versatile and meticulously crafted frothing pitcher used by latte art competitors and professional baristas.

The Jibbijug comes in 3 levels for those looking to achieve Basic Patterns (like hearts and tulips) or intermediate and advanced models for competitors looking to craft precise and intricate lines.

Beyond the standard options, Jibbi's commitment to meeting specific cafe design needs has evolved. Elegant patterns and ergonomic functionality have led to various versions, catering to specific needs including small/oversized handles and varied weighted jugs (light/ medium/ medium-heavy) to suit any trend.

Why we chose this: A Jibbijug is the Rolex of frothing pitchers and are not only elegant in design, but they are also crafted in a way with their pointed spouts to help control and assist with making the perfect latte art designs.

If you are gifting a blossoming barista or at-home latte lover who enjoys challenging themselves with crafting latte art, this gift will be enjoyed for years to come!

Baratza Encore ESP Espresso Grinder ($199.99)

About: The Encore is Baratza’s most trusted grinder, and now re-engineered to be optimized for espresso.

Baratza's new espresso-optimized coffee grinder re-engineers an industry classic to make high-resolution grinding simple, repeatable, and approachable. It's another way Baratza is making specialty coffee accessible for all.

Baratza offers Specialty Coffee Association award-winning grinders that are often at the top of the list from baristas and review sites as well-built, user-friendly, and high-quality entry-level grinders.

The Encore ESP features new metal internals for highly consistent grinds and durable, long-lasting operation, and at a price below $200.00, it can’t be beaten.

Why we chose this: We cannot stress enough that you need a grinder specifically for espresso brewing to achieve the fineness needed for espresso and the consistency of grind size. If you are gifting someone just getting into espresso, this is the perfect, most budget-friendly espresso grinder on the market. You cannot find a better grinder in the sub-$200.00 range than the Baratza Encore ESP, and it is the perfect match for machines like the Breville Bambino. If your espresso-loving gift receiver is someone who has a more advanced espresso setup and is looking for a grinder to match the machine, then the Eureka Mignon (our next suggestion) or the Eureka Atom 75 (expensive but fantastic) will do the trick!

Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine ($499.95)

About: Easily create delicious coffee beverages with Breville's Bambino Plus Espresso Machine. Designed to suit any budget, the Bambino BES500 is the ideal espresso machine for beginners. Featuring a straightforward 5-button control panel and Breville's innovative Thermojet heating system, it ensures you get piping hot espresso shots within seconds of starting. The Bambino Plus includes a classic one-hole steam wand for consistent milk texturing tailored to your preferences. What's more, it comes with both pressurized and unpressurized brew baskets, making it compatible with preground coffee and simplifying the extraction process.

Why we chose this: The Breville Bambino tops our list as the perfect coffee gift for the holidays, especially for those who are just getting started crafting espresso drinks.

The Breville Bambino is one of the best gifts due to its affordability for higher-quality, entry-level espresso machines.

While it is certainly not the cheapest espresso machine on the market, Casabrews on Amazon may take the crown for that; it undoubtedly punches above its weight in terms of features, quality, and being able to brew a consistent espresso.

We recommend this for those just starting their journey in espresso, and it matches up perfectly with the Baratza Encore ESP espresso grinder.

Eureka Mignon Specialita Espresso Grinder ($649.00)

About: The Eureka Mignon Specialita is the perfect choice for the home barista who wants to achieve high-quality grinds quickly. This grinder features 55mm flat burrs, a step-less grind system, and a sound-insulating metal case with rubber mounts and gaskets, making the operation almost silent. With its anti-clumping chute, high-speed grinding, and touchscreen controls, the Eureka Mignon Specialita has all the features you need for an effortless espresso experience. The internals are designed for easy cleaning and disassembly, and with its Italian styling, the Eureka Mignon Specialita will be a great addition to any home espresso setup.

Why we chose this: If you want to purchase an espresso grinder as a gift, look no further than the Eureka Mignon Specialita. The Specialita is a perfect mid-tier espresso grinder, built solid, with big 55mm burrs for accurate and consistent grind quality.

When our customers ask for a solid mid-tier espresso grinder, we always point them to the Specialita. The reviews back up the quality, and the Eureka comes in several fun colors, like Ferrari Red!

Eureka also supplies one of our favorite high-end home espresso grinders, the Eureka Atom 75, the perfect gift for the highly advanced home barista in your life.

Flair 58 Manual Espresso Machine ($575.00)

About: This newest gold standard in manual espresso features Flair’s first industry standard 58mm portafilter as well as a more robust frame and lever for ease of extractions at higher pressures. The 58 also includes specific customer-requested upgrades to the preheating and workflow process by providing our Preheat Temperature Controller and our new valve plunger, which consists of a puck screen.

Why we chose this: The Flair 58 is sleek, compact and brews a fantastic shot of espresso. We love this machine for its build quality and price point. While you can purchase an entry-level semiautomatic espresso machine for under $500.00, the Flair 58 is just a work of art. It is an excellent secondary piece for your extreme espresso enthusiast. It also makes for a fantastic travel buddy as its slim profile makes it easy to pack away safely.

Rocket Giotto Type V Espresso Machine ($2,350.00)

About: The Rocket Espresso Giotto Type V is a top-quality espresso machine designed for at-home use. Its 304 Stainless Steel body and commercial components ensure a café-level espresso experience. The machine has a PID controller, ensuring precise temperature stability for perfect espresso brewing, regardless of roast type. The high-performance E61 group head further enhances temperature stability, producing rich, aromatic espresso shots with thick crema.

Why we chose this: The Rocket Giotto Type V is a gift for the espresso enthusiast, one that is not only next-level but end-level; you don’t get much better and more premium than this when it comes to café-level home brewing.

The build quality on all Rocket machines is outstanding; the internals are made from copper and brass parts, no cheap plastics are used, and they are all hand-built in Milan, Italy.

For those who know, this machine, with proper maintenance, will last decades, producing phenomenal espresso shots for your children’s children.

It’s the family heirloom we wish we had!

The Best Coffee Bean Gifts

What kind of holiday is it when you don’t bring or give a bag of coffee? No holiday we would like to be part of, that’s for sure! Regardless of whether you are gearing up for a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner or need an exquisite coffee as a stocking stuffer, we have the perfect suggestions for you. All these suggestions are approved by coffee lovers and roasted with love by Coffee Bros. out of New York City!

Coffee Bros. Holiday Blend Coffee ($22.99)

About: When creating our Holiday Blend, we wanted to capture all our favorite memories in one beautiful and enchanting cup. Our source for inspiration for this holiday blend came during a short trip to Munich in 2018. Our grandmother is from Munich and we have been there many times before, but this is the first time we have experienced the holidays in Germany. We were introduced to glühwein (spiced wine beverage served hot) while strolling through the little shop stands in Munich and thought how wonderful these notes would be in a cup of coffee.

Why we chose this: What could be a more delightful way to embrace the holiday season than by savoring a cup of coffee that captures the essence of the holidays? This exquisite brew boasts a velvety profile with hints of cooked berries, rich cocoa, and a subtle wine undertone. It's the ideal coffee choice for any coffee enthusiast in your life, and its versatility shines whether you prefer it as a filter brew or an espresso shot.

Our customers can't get enough of this coffee, and it flies off the shelves every year. The holiday season just isn't complete without this exceptional blend, so be sure to grab one for yourself and make it a priority on your coffee gifting list!

Coffee Bros. Espresso Roast Coffee ($17.99)

About: Our most popular selling coffee, our Espresso Roast, is also one of our favorites from our lineup.

From the very beginning in early 2018, before launching our Coffee Bros. brand, we decided to craft a roast that would be the ideal coffee for espresso and espresso-based drinks. Our goal was to create an espresso that was different from others on the market yet still aligned with our personal preferences, bold and smooth, with hints of red fruit and a coffee that can easily cut through milk.

We chose two of our favorite origins to craft this espresso, Ethiopia, and Colombia. We also decided early that blending coffees doesn’t mean we should hold back on quality. Roasters often use lower-quality coffee in their blends, but we planned to do the opposite. We have been sourcing 87 – 88pt+ coffees for our Espresso Blend, unheard of in this industry. Though expensive, the exceptional quality of coffee allows us to craft the perfect espresso, one free of any imperfections when brewed, resulting in a sweet and smooth espresso.

Why we chose this: Don’t take it from us; here are some of our customer reviews for our Espresso Roast Coffee:

  1. “I am an avid espresso drinker… I have fully switched to this espresso roast for my daily coffee. I was blown away when I first tried it and instantly signed up for a subscription. If you are a fan of fruity- almost “springy” coffee this is the one. I REALLY REALLY like this coffee.”
  2. “I purchased the Espresso roast a few months back to try it on my new machine. When I received the package, I first noticed how the aroma of strawberries was literally bursting through the bag. I loved that part. The bag itself was tightly sealed, and its quality seemed superior to most coffee brands. The flavor profile was spot on with the coffee’s taste. If you like strawberry/vanilla, then you must give this a try. Not bitter at all (unlike most). I also want to make a special note that this is a small company run by two brothers, and customer service is seriously on point! I've sent them a couple of emails, and they responded the same day. That shows someone who cares about the product they are selling and their customer's satisfaction. I cannot say enough good things about this company. Give them a try and see for yourself.”

Our Medium-Roasted Espresso and our Dark Espresso are our two top-selling items and are the perfect coffee gift for those who enjoy brewing espresso. Our Medium Roast Espresso is the perfect balance between bold and sweet and our Dark Espresso hits all the chocolate notes one seeks when brewing milk-based espresso drinks like lattes or cortados.

Coffee Bros. Light Roast Coffee ($17.99)

About: When you first started roasting coffee in 2019, Light Roasted coffee was not much of a focus as Nick and I were big enthusiasts of bold and rich naturally processed coffees. While we still love our medium-roasted coffees, light-roasted coffee has become an essential cornerstone to our coffee program for several reasons.

First, to showcase a coffee's true flavor profile or "terroir," one must roast the coffee light. When purchasing award-winning coffees through auctions like the Cup of Excellence, we prefer to roast those coffees light to highlight their full and true flavor potential.

We carry this principle when sourcing and roasting our Light Roast coffee blend. Our Light Roast is an extremely sweet and delicate blend of washed Ethiopian and Colombian coffees explicitly sourced to hit on citrusy and floral notes. This is the perfect holiday gift if your coffee-loving friend enjoys bright coffees with notes of citrus fruit and honey!

Why we chose this: Don’t take it from us; here are some of our customer reviews for our Light Roast:

  1. “The taste is well balanced, and an actual light roast with notes true to the description. This isnt a flat bright-tasting coffee like Starbucks’ blonde blends. Coffee Bros. Light Roast has nuance and a full spectrum flavor experience.”
  2. “Amazing coffee. This stuff is amazing for light roast lovers or those who have never tried it. Full of flavor and delicious!”
  3. “I love the flavor of this light roast. Very smooth yet complex.”

Coffee Bros. Costa Rican Coffee ($24.99)

About: This exquisite micro-lot is from the Las Lajas farm and third-generation coffee producers Oscar and Francisca Chacón.

Las Lajas is set apart from the rest due to its meticulous and unique processing methods, such as the “Alma Negra,” and “Black Diamond.”

We have been partners with Las Lajas since 2021, purchasing their coffee as the main component of our Holiday Blend. We haven’t looked back and considered Las Lajas as the premier coffee coming out of the region.

Why we chose this: If you want to gift a coffee-loving individual a unique coffee, look no further than this coffee from Las Lajas is always looking at new ways of processing coffee, imparting unique flavors not found among your typical Costa Rican coffees or any other region for that matter.

The Costa Rica coffee from Las Lajas is super versatile, makes an outstanding pour-over, and is just as great of an espresso or milk-based espresso drink. Pair this coffee up with the Hario Pour Over or any espresso brewing equipment for the perfect espresso and coffee gift this holiday season!

Coffee Bros. Cold Brew Coffee Blend ($16.99)

About: Everything from the choice of green coffee to the roasting method was specifically chosen to ensure a great cold brew coffee.

We roasted this coffee medium, capturing the unique flavor notes while keeping the boldness one would expect from a cold brew. When brewed, expect smooth yet bold chocolate notes and hints of ripe red fruit.

Why we chose this: Our Cold Brew coffee is one of our best-selling coffees year-round, and if your coffee-loving recipient is anything like us, drinking cold brew is not a seasonal thing! Some would argue otherwise, but cold brew is excellent to have handy, especially when you are in a pinch and cannot fire up your espresso machine.

Our Cold Brew coffee works great with the Hario Cold Brew Bottle or the larger Toddy Cold Brew System and is the perfect holiday coffee gift for the cold brewing friend in your life!

Coffee Bros. Ethiopia Coffee ($22.99)

About: This exquisite microlot is from brothers Asefa and Mulugeta Dukamo who own Daye Bensa export company. Daye Bensa serves about 381 smallholder farmers growing and harvesting coffee in and around Keramo, Sidama, Ethiopia, a place known for its rich vegetation and climate. Keramo farmers have built a reputation for picking only red cherries, and in 2020 Daye Bensa Coffee earned a Cup of Excellence award.

Coffees in Ethiopia are typically traceable to the washing station level: The average producer here delivers their cherry to the washing station, where it is blended with other producers’ deliveries and processed as necessary. The Natural coffees are dried on raised beds that are 25 meters long. Drying takes 15–20 days, weather depending.

Why we chose this: One of our favorite coffees from Asefa and Mulugeta Dukamo (two-time Cup of Excellence winners) from their Hamasho washing station is roasting and shipping tomorrow!

This year's lot tastes of crisp apple and fresh peach and works wonderfully as a pour-over. This coffee is the perfect gift for the picky specialty coffee lover who enjoys lighter-roasted high-scoring single-origin coffees!


There are so many great gifts for coffee lovers on the market, from cold brew coffee makers to espresso makers, coffee machines and brewers, and grinders, and we hope this list gave you some great holiday gift ideas!

We know some of these gifts are expensive, like the espresso machines and espresso grinders and we want you to make the best purchasing decision possible. We’ve written a few blogs about knowing when you should upgrade your espresso machine and espresso grinder which are also great resources for first-time espresso equipment buyers. Our lines are also open to unpack any questions you have before you make that expensive holiday gift purchase. Give us a shout at hello@coffeebros.com or shoot us a text at 1-844-692-2633!

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